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Recently, I was able to catch up with the beautiful Brianna Collette at AP Cafe in Williamsburg. We discussed everything from her modeling/acting/singing career, natural hair care, and men! Brianna shared details on how she decided to change her life path from attending school to following her heart in the entertainment industry. She moved to Los Angeles where she met her talent agents.


Brianna has landed big jobs with Jeep Wrangler and McDonald’s to just name a few. As she progressed in her career, she found herself traveling back and forth to New York frequently for music. Later, she decided to follow and focus on her passion for music which led her to moving to New York.


With the move to New York, she found some personal challenges while adapting to this new lifestyle. These challenges included packing properly for an all day journey in New York, hair issues, and a lot more. But, she figured out how to manage and became accustomed to the “New York Way” of living.


Now Brianna is focusing on her new single, “Glorious” which is available on iTunes. There’s also a video teaser of “Glorious” available on YouTube for your enjoyment. Watch our girl talk teaser or watch the full interview and enjoy all the juicy details about our talk below!


Check out the Teaser of our Interview

For The Full Interview Click Below

Check Out the video teaser of “Glorious”


Photos By: Rowena Husbands