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Apparently, Eros (the God of love) took a break from his hard life of wooing women to enlighten all of us with his judgmental, biased, double standard, male-chauvinist point of view and when I say Eros I mean Preston Waters, the guy that wrote a gem of an article titled, “Why Good Girls Have Become Unicorns”.

The writer actually makes ONE valid point in stating that, “We live in a world where sex has lost its value … and women have changed drastically and are living in the moment and having fun”.  However, just because women have become more open with their sexuality and have become more carefree and independent does not mean that we are no longer good people.  To me, that simply means that we are more aware and in control of our lives.  In fact, I’m going to push the envelope a little further here and say that I find the writer of the article to be a coward that feels threatened by how sexually empowered women have become because he probably isn’t man enough to handle one.  Don’t get me wrong, I am one that still believes in chivalry, but I’m taking this opportunity to make my life the best one I’ve ever had and if that means sleeping with a few frogs before I find my Prince well so be it, because if you can have fun, I can too.

“For men it’s great that these women have decided to become just like us” – but at the same time you are arguing that good women are now unicorns.  Let me explain something, women did not just wake up one morning and decide to act like men.  People (both male AND female) have been engaging in sexual acts, of all kinds, with one another since Babylonian times, but through the ages the taboo has slowly been lifted.  Does it bother you that women can now play the same game probably better than you ever could?  Mr. Waters goes on to state that women are now more independent and that we should definitely encourage that independence, but in the following paragraph states how we are now thirsty for attention and then something about drugs and cocaine and being easy and that no one stays hot forever and just a slew of uncorrelated garbage that I am STILL trying to digest.  “Men are to blame for this as well, but that is because we are idiots” … discussion closed.

Mr. Waters let me tell you something about us girls: we are all good, but like any other human being in this world we, at times, make bad decisions … like when these poor girls decided to sleep with you, but those bad decisions don’t make us a bad person.  Since when did it become your right to judge others on their sexual activity?  Everyone has a past filled with good and bad decisions, but the only person that has to deal with the consequences of those decisions is the actual person making those decisions.  We are too quick to judge someone for being too prudish or too promiscuous, but who cares.  One is not better than the other.  Since when did having sex make you a bad person?  So what if someone has had a lot more than one sexual partner in their life.  Does that take away from the fact that they are a good person?  I thought a good girl was someone that helps take care of their family; is generous (in every way); is smart, educated and hard-working, never hurt anyone in any way.  I always thought that good girls are those that: are there for you when no one else is; don’t ask for anything in return – they just give; will support you though the good and the bad; respect their man and cook for them and clean for them and take care of them because that is what you do when you love someone – All this time I thought those were the qualities that made girls unicorns.  Guys run around having sex with half the world until they meet that one girl that does it for them.  Does that mean that they are a bad person? NO.  It just means that they finally found the one; the one that showed them that they will never need anyone else … The good girl that was meant for them and let me just say this: how exactly do you expect to meet a sheep if you keep rolling around in the mud with a bunch of pigs?.

 My favorite part of this article was this particular paragraph:

“The truth of the matter nowadays is that good girls, as we like to call them, don’t really exist.  They are unicorns.  You are lucky if you come across one that is actually who she says she is.  We sometimes even joke that our future wives are currently in Kindergarten because it is comforting to know that she is currently playing with blocks and not swinging from d*** to d*** because they sell her a good enough story and when she’s 18 we’ll snap her right up and she’ll have no exposure to being a slut”.  First of all, you sound like an insecure, narcissistic pedophile and for your information, what you just described is a kidnapping.  What kind of God do you think you are that feel you are entitled to some kind of untainted virgin while you are out running around poking and prodding every hole you come across!?  And let me just say this, if you plan on landing yourself a hot little 18 year old, your name better be Hugh Hefner and you better have 10 million in the bank because your looks won’t last forever, as you mentioned earlier … I’m sure no 18 year old is going to jump at the opportunity to change your dirty diaper when you’re too old to do it yourself.  Good luck with that … let me know how it works out for you.

 So remember ladies, while your future husband is out there living it up bachelor style don’t forget to strap on that chastity belt nice and tight … oh, and while you’re at it, grab that Bible (you are going to need it if you want your future husband to find you) … but wait a minute ladies, don’t get too excited just yet!  According to Mr. Waters, your husband will eventually leave you (out of boredom) for the whore that wasn’t good enough to marry in the first place … at this rate, I’m not even sure whether to keep my legs opened or close them back up … This is a tough call y’all.

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