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The Reunion of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 did not disappoint. The show got off to a late start as the diva herself; Joseline Hernandez AKA The Puerto Rican Princess was over two hours late for day one of taping. But the audience soon got over her tardiness as the cameras started rolling.

Introduced to the stage were Momma D, Scrappy, Erica Dixon and THE Bambi, as she is so affectionately known as by Scrappy’s mom. Erica didn’t hesitate bringing up Scrappy’s infidelities to “THE” Bambi and you will be shocked by what comes out of her mouth! But honestly can any of these men really be trusted? #letsbereal

Mona Scott-Young joked with the audience over who believed she was responsible for Mimi Faust and Nikko’s sex tape, one audience member even asked Mona if she held the camera, that was so professionally angled for this “home video”.MIMI-AND-NIKO

But the event that shut down production for the day of this VH1 set, was the ALL OUT BRAWL between Benzino, Stevie J., Joseline and Althea. For those of you who aren’t avid followers of LHHATL, here is a brief run down.

benzinoBenzino (former owner of The Source Magazine) is best friends with music producer Stevie J., Joseline who is the wife of Stevie J, gets word that Stevie J. is guilty of smashing the homie (Althea, Benzino’s fiancée) prior to their engagement. Stevie J. denied sleeping with Althea until coincidentally he releases a throwback picture of “HO”-Thea down on her knees allegedly giving him Stevie-J-tweet“lettuce”, on his Twitter page the morning of the reunion show. This sets everything off.

On stage is when the tension erupts, as Benzino makes a statement about Stevie J. and Joseline being crack heads. (If you haven’t seen it already, videos have been swamping the Internet of The Puerto Rican Princess high off her @$#.) As soon as Benzino opens his mouth, Stevie J. yells out f*ck you, and charges across the stage towards Benzino. Security guards swarm the stage as Joseline takes this opportunity to attack “HO”-Thea, who is seated next to Benzino. Joseline hits Althea so hard she topples backwards over her chair; all this is going on while security tries to keep the men from killing each other.

Cameras are flying, Phones are being tossed and Ciroc bottles were being thrown. In a lack of better words, Shit Got Real, Real Quick! When the guards get a hold of Joseline and Althea they are escorted backstage, during which time Benzino and Stevie J. charge each other again.
Here Is Some Of The action on set:

Meanwhile Joseline, who hasn’t had enough, comes running out from backstage and snatches the ponytail weave off of Tami Rivera (Wife of Rapper Waka Flaka) Waka’s mom Debra, in a fit of rage, swings on Joseline, ripping out some of her extensions. But Joseline wasn’t through yet, clearly feeling that today was the day she was going to let everyone know she’s The Head B of ATL, she elbows Mimi Faust backstage, pushing her down some steps. While security grips up Joseline, she allegedly takes a nice juicy bite out of the guard.

This reunion turned into WWF/Boxing Match real quick, and it was evident the guards couldn’t keep up. The audience was escorted out and production shut down, the remaining taping days were done so without an audience, for safety measures, of course! Stay Tuned for the airing later this month on VH1, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Season 3 with Host Comedian Sommore. This show is a MUST- SEE!! #youaintknow