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The Velocity of Autumn Stephen Spinella and Estelle Parsons in Eric Coble’s play about aging, independence, frailty and Molotov cocktails, at the Booth Theater

THE VELOCITY OF AUTUMN starring Estelle Parsons, best known for her witty character in the TV series, Roseanne, and Co-Star Stephen Spinella swirls around Alexandra, a 79-year-old artist in a showdown with her family over whether she can continue to live on her own. In Alexandra’s corner are her wit, her volcanic passion and the fact that she’s barricaded herself in her Brooklyn brownstone with enough Molotov cocktails to take out the block. But her children have their own secret weapon: estranged son Chris who returns after 20 years, crawls through Alexandra’s second floor window, and becomes the family’s unlikely mediator. No sooner are the words “Hi, Mom” uttered than the emotional bombs start detonating. THE VELOCITY OF AUTUMN, written by Eric Coble and directed by Molly Smith, is a wickedly funny and wonderfully touching new play about independence and family. You won’t be disappointed in this heartfelt reality struck performance. Velocity brings to the forefront life issues many of us hate to face head on, due to the ramifications it can stir up. The emotions of both actors are as real as it gets, the in your face raw truth takes the audience to a plateau they don’t anticapate.  

velocity scene

Alexandra (Estelle Parsons) and her son (Stephen Spinella) are surrounded by homemade weapons in “The Velocity of Autumn.”


THE VELOCITY OF AUTUMN has scenic design by Eugene Lee, costume design by Linda Cho, lighting design by Rui Rita, sound design by Darron L. West, wig design by Paul Huntley, and casting by Geoff JosselsonTHE VELOCITY OF AUTUMN is produced by Larry Kaye & HOP Theatricals; Van Dean & The Broadway Consortium; Joan Raffe & Jhett Tolentino; Michael J. Moritz, Jr.; Catherine & Fred Adler; Rob Hinderliter & Dominick LaRuffa, Jr. and KIRN Productions in association with Neal Rubinstein; R. Erin Craig & Seiler-Smith/Franklin Theatrical & James Valletti; Tony McAnany and James L. Simon & Stephen Ganns/Jonathan Demar.  Associate producers are Joan & Marvin Rosenberg; Sharleen Cooper Cohen/John Perkoff & Michelle Schaap; Kimberly Loren Eaton; Lauren Class Schneider and Craig J. Horsley/Michael Rubenstein.