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Ahh Valentine’s Day approaches! Chocolate covered hearts, greeting cards, and romantic getaways are on the horizon. This the time of the year that one of two things happen: 1) you and your love snuggle up and reaffirm your affection for each other or 2) you proclaim your attraction for that special someone that has caught your eye and hope for the best. Charming isn’t it? As the romantic day rapidly approaches, I have decided to take a break from my usual rationalizations of the male/female thinking models and accentuate the positive. I am going to tell you a few good ways to romance your LOGIC/DO or your FEEL/VALIDATE.

Understanding that both genders and both archetypes enjoy being romanced is the first step toward making your day special. Most commercials promoting Valentine’s day seem to concentrate on the male romancing and fawning over the female who apparently, from the lack of any products or gifts catering to men, doesn’t have to reciprocate at all, but I guess that is simply an industrial spin aimed at making money. That being said, yes, males enjoy it as much as females do. What you do, should communicate that you understand the way your partner thinks.


FEEL/VALIDATE romantics enjoy the sensual experience. They are epicureans in the purest sense. Valentine’s Day should be an experience for them. It should excite the senses before the loins. Start off with a card with romantic words to show them you are feeling them. A few “just because I love you” calls in the days leading up to Valentine’s day followed by activities that stimulate the senses is a great appetizer. A day at a spa for a female or a body massage for a male is a perfect way to start. Chocolate can be so cliché, so if you opt to go this route, spend some money on some quality chocolate, believe me, you can taste the difference! A romantic candlelit dinner at a fancy restaurant or one that you prepared yourself (that is, if you can cook) will also add to the sensual atmosphere. A ride in a horse drawn carriage if you have access to one, or even a nice walk hand in hand in the evening lights demonstrates that you are in tune with their emotional nature. Flowers are beautiful for a female, but for a male don’t waste the money. Cap off the evening with a romantic bath with scented body oils, bath salts and gels, they love smelling good. For the ladies, bubble baths and champagne never get old, but if you want to turn your evening into fire for your FEEL/VALIDATE male, give him a bath! Nothing says, “I am so into you” to a man of this archetype, than his woman bathing him. Make sure that the bedroom is also an experience if, that is, where you intend to end the evening. Scented candles ( a few will do, after all it is not a church), rose petals, satin sheets (just don’t do the do on them) and romantic mood music. Just remember that romance should not be limited to the day of, but the days leading up to Valentine’s day and the days following. Show your FEEL/VALIDATE that you love them every day. Experience perfect!


Ok now on to romantic ideas for your LOGIC/DO. Since this category of person is focused on things and the way they work, gadgets never get old.  A card that plays music, a nice watch, or tickets to a game, a show, or other fun activity that  you can do together, capped off by dinner, and good old making whoopie, may seem simple but that is the point. Whispering in their ear what you want to do to them after you get done doing whatever outside activity will drive them over the edge. LOGIC/DOs are usually turned on by the act and the thought of performing the act. Both males and females of this archetype are attracted to what they see, so a naughty outfit, something leather in particular, will excite someone of this archetype. Females may find lingerie is also very appealing to LOGIC/DO males.  Edible items provide that activity that gets them riled up. However, simple nudity will also do the trick, as in their minds quite bluntly, “why put on a skimpy outfit when all I want to do is take it off?” A sexy strip tease or even pole dancing is excellent eye candy.  Location can also be a great enticer, a change in venue, even in your home may spice up the sauce. Expand your relations away from your bedroom and you will find them intrigued and hungry for you. In other words turn up the X rating!


This month’s article is short and sweet and your author will also be celebrating his birthday on Valentine’s Day. So until we get back on topic next month…remember Keep it Real B!