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Brutha Blunt: Hi everyone! We are one month into the year 2014 and I hope that it was a productive one for all of you. Now we are in the month of February and we have a lot of things going on for the month. Especially one particular holiday that honestly isn’t my favorite. That holiday is of course Valentine’s Day. It is supposed to be the most romantic day of the year and another over commercialized holiday no thanks to Hallmark. It’s that time of year that we do something special for our loved ones or someone that you may have an interest in. While we try our hardest to please our significant others, we sometimes tend to slip and do the wrong things, get the wrong things, or things just end up being a hot mess. Men, we tend to mess up with that sometimes. How about with the ladies Sistah Truth?

Sistah Truth

Sistah Truth

Sistah Truth: What don’t men mess up? I think women have this holiday on smash. Either they’re super prepared and have ideas of what to do with their significant other, or they themselves are prepared to get wined and dined. As I have gotten older, I have come to appreciate all holidays, because it gives me a chance to remember to slow down and appreciate the folks that you truly love, even if it is considered a made up holiday. I don’t do little tokens of my appreciation and, I don’t stress out. What thrills me the most though, is passing by my Walgreens and seeing the pandemonium that ensues from the parking lot alone. I chuckle to myself at all the unprepared folk who will force their loved ones to deal with some tired dancing teddy bear, and some chocolate.

BB: Well I put a lot of thought into someone I care about, and I know a lot of men that do as well, while some men just fall flat in that department. Have you had any experiences with a guy like that?

ST: Have I? Who do you think I was talking about earlier regarding a tired old teddy bear and some chocolate? Honey I had V-Day planned for weeks. I cooked, got dolled up, and waited and waited. I waited an extra hour for this fool because he was stuck in Walgreens buying a giant Valentine gorilla, a card, and candy. See this is why I don’t put too much effort into folk. I do simple trinkets, share my love and move on.

BB: WOW! I must say that you want to make Valentine’s Day a memorable one for you and your significant other. Guys you must be able to pull off surprising your woman without her knowing of all of the things you plan on doing that day. Start by having a bouquet of beautiful flowers sent to her job with a nice card attached to it saying something real and from the heart. The whole point is to show her how important she is to you and to also make the other co-workers of hers jealous because their men aren’t that creative. You can try having a bouquet of
makedinnerdifferent color roses, maybe even tulips or orchids. It has to be something that stands out and draws a lot of attention to your girlfriend’s desk. Another thing would be to leave nice little notes around the house, something encouraging or romantic that will make her smile. When she gets home you could have her come home to a romantic ambiance. Lights are well dimmed or even just candles. Some music in the background would be nice. I suggest this only if you plan on cooking a little something for your lady. You could prepare something like baked ziti, risotto, steak or a roasted chicken, either one with a nice salad and steamed vegetables. Whatever you choose to prepare, make sure that is made from scratch and everything is fresh. Prepare the food with a lot of love and also find ways of preparing the food that will look presentable when it goes on the table. Presentation is definitely important when you are serving food.

If you do decide to go out, please make sure to pick out a restaurant that you both love. Doesn’t make sense to try something new and foreign and not be able to enjoy it. Most importantly, do NOT wait until the last minute to make a reservation for the place of choice. I guarantee you that people will be making their reservations and you will not have a place to go to. Everyone is out to secure a place for themselves, it’s only fair that you do the same. Please make all your reservations at least 7-10 days before.


Now when it comes to giving gifts, I think that you can be creative with the gifts that you choose. One nice gift for the strawberry lover would be the chocolate covered strawberries from Godiva chocolate. They are not that expensive and you get a nice amount of strawberries for the money you spend. Another gift would be concert tickets. You can do dinner and a concert right after. Just make sure that the artist performing is your love’s favorite and is someone that they have wanted to see for a long time. They will be so excited and the night might end up being a memorable one. One nice gift would be if let’s say V-Day ends up on a weekend, the perfect gift idea would be a nice weekend getaway for you and your significant other. Look into a bed and breakfast somewhere outside of where you live. Take a nice little drive and take some time out to enjoy yourselves. I think things like these are perfect ways of showing the one you love they are appreciated.


ST: My point of contention is, Valentine’s Day comes around the same time each year. There is no need to wait until February 14th to begin making plans. You can take the time to think about the things you remember your significant other mentioning that they like, or something you weren’t able to get them for Christmas. As my current boo thang would say, if people really started paying attention to what their significant other liked and discussed, they could come up with gift ideas easily. So go, find something nice and don’t wait until the last minute.

BB: I totally agree with that…anyone who knows well enough knows that last minute planning doesn’t really go smoothly. When you take the time out to actually plan things out and you know exactly what your girl or your man will like the whole experience will be a great one. Also, I must say that we shouldn’t just do these things for our loved ones on just this one day. You should do this sporadically throughout the year. I think that the person would really appreciate you more for that. And with that said, get to it people!! You don’t have that much time left. Let me and Sistah Truth know how everything turns out. Talk to you next month!!!

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