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The Verdict Is In


The verdict is in

and we lose again

A life

A hope

The faith

The verdict has us shaken

To the core

Of our bodies

Our minds

Our souls

The verdict is in and we are left with everywhere to begin

The verdict is in…


Racism, discrimination, blatant disregard of black life. All over the echoes of stop playing the race card go from whispers to loud shouts. The same people shouting it’s not about race are the same ones who don’t know what it’s like to be terrified at a traffic stop, to be afraid to call a police officer to the scene of a crime only to become the number one suspect. Race is not a problem to those who do not believe that it still exists.

black life matters


When we started sharing lunch counters and water fountains, racism did not excuse itself from our society. Mixed couples, mixed babies, equal mixed results. We can’t possibly believe that race wars, race insults and race crimes will cease to exist because we have found a way to look outside our front doors and intermingle with someone different than us. But it is about race, it is about the value of people and why the justice system scales only seem to tip in one direction.

With every life lost and forgotten, slavery storms its way to the forefront of everyone’s mind. It is no wonder that the search for forty acres and a mule is still a topic of conversation in today’s society.   When one life is undervalued at such a heavy exchange it is hard to not want to take to the streets, and be rebellious.

Victims-1Hurt and pain are extreme motivators and taking that into account we as a whole must learn to redirect through the correct channels in order to make our points crystal clear. Have you ever been asked, “Why do you think racism still exists?” I guess a black president is supposed to make all of the injustice, bloodshed, and tears disappear. Having a black president will not bring back Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Sean Bell, Jordan Davis, Oscar Grant, Darrien Hunt, Tamir Rice and countless others. Being black should not be a double standard. We are sick and tired and sick of being tired. A mother will walk past a room where she heard a son last laugh, a father will never a throw ball into the hands of his awaiting son, parents will never know the joy of being grandparents. Someone’s father is dead, a brother is a mere memory, but you know what will last? The emptiness and heartache.


Having a black president just makes it all the more clear that no matter how high one climbs some will always remain planted firmly on the ground with nothing to do but look up and hope to always be looking up from two feet and not by guided angels.  It is really disheartening to see the names increase on the other side of a RIP slogan. My heart cries what my numb eyes cannot, my soul is weary from the news of another senseless killing. A breaking heart is the sound track for so many communities.

How do we explain to our children that they matter when society dictates and continuously shows us that they are expendable? Parenting is already hard without the added stress of the fear. The fear of that phone call, the fear that a picture of your child’s lifeless body will forever circulate the internet. A fear that the only person who will remember them will be you. No marches, no condolences, no rallies, no outcries, just the silent sounds of your own tears rolling down your face. The verdict is in and how will we change it? Our communities need to be rebuilt on stronger foundations of respectable behaviors and ideals. Changing behaviors forces recognition and a change in their perceptions. The media will always bombard us with images of crass, ass showing, neck rolling images. Images of broken homes, single parents, father who don’t care and mothers who are clueless about how to raise the next generation. The verdict is in and if we don’t change they will refuse to see that they need to change. The verdict is in, it is up to us and us alone to ignite change, to bind together, to collectively fulfill the dream the destiny of our forefathers and ancestors. Racism is a thief and a liar, it is stealing our children, our brothers and our sisters. This can’t be life and the verdict is in. Let’s start setting a precedent. The verdict is in….