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racismWhat is the color of racism?  The great debate, do we get over racism? Does it still exist? It is no secret that we have been plagued with a barrage of images, that seemingly enough say that it does still exist. Torts, laws, and lawsuits all point to a resounding yes, but the greatest divide to me, is to witness it on social media. To go back to the Trayvon Martin shooting,    my best friend texted me and said he couldn’t believe that so many of his white friends were for Zimmerman. That from one post to the next the opinions were on opposite sides of racism. Racism had never occurred to him, he happens to be of Filipino decent and he just couldn’t wrap his mind around what was happening. My confusion stemmed from an entirely different angle. Why was he surprised? He was surprised because when not presented with a situation to see the true colors of certain individuals he automatically and systematically believed that racism was a thing of the past. When other ethnicities look at racism, they see segregation signs, sit-ins, and lynching’s. They may not be hanging blacks from trees but lynching’s are happening, in our educational system, in decrepit neighborhoods, it’s still happening.  And we are letting it  happen, how you ask? Not reading, not educating, not fighting the battle, not protecting ourselves. Ignorance is what fuels and fans the flames of racism.



Around my office certain topics of discussion are off limits, to some of us anyway. But the amount of insensitive race jokes and comments never cease to amaze me, and even more so the lack of recognition of how uncomfortable it makes others feels. The ethnicity of another human should not make someone feel like the common end of bad joke. It is really sad. Let’s look at it from another perspective, how many times have you curtailed what you were going to say because of the implications behind your words? How many times have you spoken to a friend of another ethnicity and said “No offense, but blacks (insert anyone here) don’t do that. Is that considered some kind of reverse racism? Is the color of racism gray or is it completely black and white?