Ladies Night Off

We handle a lot.  As women, I mean; we handle a lot….

Dating Advice: Men With Girlfriends

“My girl and I aren’t on good terms, we’re having problems. You…

Plastic Surgery: Have Black Women Been Taught To Self Hate?

The self hatred among women in the minority community is horrible. Society…

Sisters Supporting Sisters

The foliage was amazing. The crisp mountain air was exhilarating. The sun…

Fall Beauty Trend Alert

Say goodbye to the warm weather and hello to the cold… ugh….

Ego: The Man-Key

Most women believe that there are many different reasons that men act…

Back To School!

Once Labor Day comes around, we all know what arrives next, BACK…

Breastfeeding ABC’s: Awareness, Benefits, and Commitment

Declared in 2011 by the United States Breastfeeding Committee (USBC.), an independent,…

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