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Summer is finally here!  And as the seasons change, so does our skin.  What’s your summer skin regiment?  Let’s first start by determining your skin type.  Skin type is defined by pore size.  Here is a simple tool when picking out products-

Does your skin look like the skin of an apple=dry, orange=oily or lemon=normal.

dry skin- appleorange - oily skinlemon- normal skin

Whether you are a Drug Store Diva or shop at SAKS, there are products for your skin type and price point.


First, we must remember to take our makeup off.  We all do it, but its horrible for our skin-falling asleep before we take our makeup off- our skin hates it and so do our pillows.

1. You must cleanse, tone and moisturize your face and neck daily.

Just like we all hate doing cardio, our skin hates it when we don’t take care of it.  Being our biggest organ, it demands our attention.  So many products available do double, triple duty and as busy New Yorkers we have NO time for 18 different products. Follow these quick and simple tips for perfect summer skin.

CleanseNeutrogena Facial Cleanser is a great product for all skin types DC-Bottle-with-splash

Tone– Use a Toner with Witch Hazel for best results and a low alcohol % witch hazel toner

Moisturize– For the face – use one with an SPF, and DON’T forget your eye cream- Bobbi Brown Eye Cream is amazing.Bobbi-Brown-Eye-Cream-de

2.  Having a break out?  It could be your cell phone. Clean all phone devices daily.  And don’t forget to clean your personal makeup brushes every 5-7 days.

-MUA secret pimple fixer- place Neosporin on a Q-tip and place on your pimple, let absorb. neosporin Then place Clearasil on a new Q-tip and place on top of pimple.  It will cut your break out time in half!

3.  And if its just too hot outside to wear makeup make sure you wear your SPF if nothing else.  It will protect your skin from sun damage and free radicals. spf

4. If you need a little something- Try Stila HD Beauty Balm 10 in 1stila-in1

It’s an amazing  product for any complextion.  Or the best of the best –Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizerlaura-mercier-tinted-moisturizer-en

5.On those too HOT for makeup days-  A little mascara, cheek and lip tint, or some shimmer and you are good to go.  It’s just enough to make you look and feel amazing even when you feel like you are melting.

Have a fabulous summer!