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Meet Dr. Keisha Gill-Jacob and Lona Jacas-Gill the two self made owners of Kilosha Accents. These two educated women are not only entrepreneurs but mothers, wives, a doctor and business women! These two give Claire Huxtable a run for her money. Starting their own company offering their clients affordable organic and natural products that promote healthy skincare and hair products, is just the start for these ladies. Opening their hearts to their customers in 2011, they have been nonstop ever since. We were going to do a write up interview story but after the phone conversation with WMDSF’s CEO Melanie Butcher and these two amazing women, Melanie decided there were way too many hidden jewels in their conversation not to share the whole interview with our readers. So here it is:

Be Sure to check out their delicious products, my personal favorite is their Lavender/Rosemary Body Butter lavender body butter

With their Body Butter you just can’t go wrong. It keeps your skin hydrated and moist for hours without that reside that other lotions leave behind, but don’t take my word for it, try it. Its a great way to pamper yourself!

Some other products by Kilosha Accents you might love are their kilosha body scrubs which come in different aromas.

Also try out some of their amazing hair products and Soufflé



You can see the rest of their products at http://www.kiloshaaccents.com