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This past Saturday WMDSF revisited one of our favorite locations in Brooklyn…you guessed it, Smorgasburg located in Williamsburg. Now, for any of you who have had the privilege of attending Smorgasburg on a beautiful sunny Saturday, know that there are more food vendors there than anyone knows what to do with. So, we decided to help make your next visit worth while, by pinpointing some of the favorites, please note that NOT one of these delicious vendors are a bad choice, otherwise they would be out on their flap jacks!  LOL but here some you just wouldn’t want to miss out on during your next visit to SMORGASBURG!

First Stop

LUMPIA SHACK– known for their filipino inspired spring rolls…hmmm rolled up treats of yummy goodness more like! They come in 4 different fillings

  1. Original– made with their delicious heritage ground pork, seasoned to perfection with carrots, kamote leaves, ramps, shallots & garlic…wait for it…drizzled with sweet chili sauce & a thin slice of sweet pickle on top…mmm… my mouth is watering just thinking about it now! (Clearly my favorite)
  2. Peking Duck– moist and succulent hand pulled duck…seasoned with hoisin, sriracha & ginger scallion sauce…another mmm mmm good choice!
  3. Vegetarian Truffled Adobo Mushroom– for all our vegetarians you will not miss the meat in this tasty roll… filled with three types of mushrooms (cremini, shitake & enoki), so flavorful with lemongrass, ginger and scallions, drizzled with aioli and pickled red chili peppers!
  4. Lumpiang prito– vegetarian with an asian twist, filled with carrots, cabbage, jicama, kamote leaves, tofu and to top it off hoisin, sriracha, roasted peanuts, roasted seaweed and micorgreens. Packs a punch!

Can’t pick just one? Not a problem as they offer a sampler tray so you won’t miss a crumb! 😉

Photo Sep 22, 12 30 11 PM



Next stop… Off to wash down those delicious spring rolls, we head over to

THIRSTTEA– Quince your thirst with one of Thirsttea’s amazing iced teas, with or without bubbles (little tapioca balls flavored with lychee). With so many flavors to choose from. On this past visit we had their Earl Grey Iced Tea and their Taro Coconut Iced Tea, both which were A-MAZING!!! On a previous trip, we had their Thai Iced Tea which is also something to talk about!  Whichever flavor tea you decide on, there is no way you can go wrong!




Still feeling hunger, we headed over to the long line of the

MIGHTY QUINN– FAMOUS for their pulled pork and brisket sandwiches. Either one will have your mouth simply salivating. There is a reason the line stretches the length of the river! And trust us its well worth the wait. Juicy and succulent to say the least and enough meat to feed 2 maybe 3 people! The pork or brisket are topped with your choice of pickled cucumbers, pickled red onions or pickled chiles…just delicious!

Photo Jun 12, 12 09 40 PM



WMDSF’s photographer Dom Pierre wanted to compare briskets so we headed over to

THE BOLIVIAN LLAMA PARTY– A party indeed, a party for your palate! This Bolivian llama does not skim on flavor…an example of this is their 10 yes 10 spice brisket sandwich, which was simply divine! We couldn’t get enough of their mouth watering brisket piled high topped with pickled chiles, hibiscus red onions and carrots. Each sandwich is carefully created just for you. Wash it down with one of their delicious bubbly delights, we tried their passionfruit Co2’s which left you wanting more.




On a hot day in Brooklyn what could be better than an Ice COLD Slushy, right?

Head over to

KELVIN NATURAL SLUSH Co.– With so many different concotions to choose from, we decided on a black tea base (you  can choose a citrus base, a spicy ginger base or a green/ black tea base) then you can select a real fruit puree mix-in, for us it was the White Peach and Pink Guava… DELICIOUS!!!

The other flavors are Acai, Apricot, Blackberry, Blood Orange, Blueberry, Cherry, Cranberry, Lychee, Mango, Papaya, Pear, Raspberry and Strawberry


While at Smorgasburg we talked to many of the fellow food lovers and asked them to share their favorites with us, two of which were


RED HOOK LOBSTER POUND– Many were raving over how good their lobster sandwiches were and they sure looked tasty! Feeling too stuffed to eat another bite; we had to take their word for it as the line for the lobster filled yummy goodness grew. We will be sure to return to try for ourselves!




The second recommendation was the local beer which we just had to try…We went for the six point which wasn’t too heavy and just the right amount of punch!


To finish off the day we had to end on a HIGH note and who doesn’t love DESSERT, right? SO where did we head

DOUGH– The most fluffy, massive, moist doughnuts you could ask for! So many flavors to choose from, we didn’t know where to start so we asked the vendor to pick for us and what was that dough choice you ask, what other than their Salted Chocolate and Caramel. It doesn’t get much more decadent than this. Sticky sweet chocolate glaze topped with fine sea salt, creating the perfect balance of sweet and salty! Simply Mouth-Watering :)


We hope to see you on your next visit to Smorgasburg and be sure to share with us your favorites and send us your photos!!

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