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At the end of every year, I set goals and resolutions that are never accomplished.  I joined a gym last January and only went one week in January.  The monthly fee continues to be deducted and each month I say I will go and never do.  A year has gone by and here I am again at the same place. hate-working-out


I am sure that I am not alone.  There are so many, “shoulda” “coulda” and “wouldas” out there.  Aren’t you tired of the excuses and broken promises to yourself? We need to set realistic goals that do not have room for excuses.


I have learned that we must start off with small goals. I realized this through a daily practice at work.  Each morning before I begin my day, I would write on a notepad all of the things that I needed to accomplish within the day.  I would cross off each goal once it was accomplished.  As I crossed off each goal, I would feel a level of satisfaction and determination to accomplish the next goal.  A goal could be as simple as making a phone call.  Crossing off the goals on the page was certainly a motivating factor that can be used to accomplish bigger goals.

goal setting

If you would like to make a weight loss goal, instead of saying, I want to lose 20 pound this year, begin with 5 pounds for the first 2 months of the year.  Put your list on your refrigerator and cross it off.  If you want to set a financial goal, begin small and increase as you accomplish each milestone.   If you want to write a book or complete a dissertation like I do, set a goal to complete a chapter a month. Then set smaller goals to complete a few pages a week.


Stop the excuses, set goals that are reachable and write them down.  Tape your goals in areas that you can read them on a regular or daily basis.  It can be done.

Share your goals with me and let’s meet again next year and share our accomplishments.  I am looking forward to sharing all of mine!