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Makeup, makeup, makeup! WMDSF Magazine was in the building for The Makeup Show in Chicago. There was so many vendors such as M.A.C., NARS, and Makeup Forever to name a few. Every vendor was selling products at a discounted rate! (This was makeup heaven!) Everything you need to build a makeup kit was at your fingertips. Makeup artist, owners, and friends all walking around testing products, taking technique courses, and viewing well-known makeup artist over a two day period.
We were able to sit in a class with Renny Vasquez.

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He’s a celebrity makeup artist to the stars such as Brandy, Gabrielle Union, MC Lyte, Queen Latifah to just name a few. He started his career as a shampoo assistant working for 13 years then changed his passion towards makeup. Renny shared his journey from how he started off not knowing anything about makeup to connecting with other makeup artist such as Sam Fine who helped him on his journey.
He shared how he used social media to help his career by posting everything makeup especially his latest artistry skills. He also expressed how building relationships is important in the beauty industry. Renny kept faith and a positive attitude as is transitioned from one career path to another.

reggie wells
Guess who was able to catch up with the amazing Reggie Wells at The Makeup Show? Yup, we did! If you don’t know who Reggie Wells is, well if you know Oprah,
then you’ve seen his work before! He’s been doing Oprah’s makeup for years (I mean years) and has done 102 Essence magazine covers. He’s worked with everyone in the industry from Beyoncé, Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, Halle Berry and the list continues miles long. But, Reggie was there to support Renny Vasquez. He really enjoys Renny’s excitement and enthusiasm he brings to everyone. He was excited to sit in the audience and listen to Renny as he shared his story.


Later in the day, we made our rounds to connect with every local and non-local vendors talking about their experiences at the event.

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The energy in the building was high all day long and it didn’t slow down. We were excited to see different techniques of makeup application, makeup palettes, but most of all the latest gadgets and tools.

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We’re already ready for The Makeup Show 2015! We recommend ever aspiring, professional, and everyday girl to attend The Makeup Show near you. Until next time folks, remember to create more, express more, and smile more. Because you never know where your talents may take you!