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Happy New Year!

They say a cluttered purse reflects a cluttered life, the same goes for your makeup bag.  We all feel more mental clarity when we are organized.  I know I do.  Let’s start with our makeup bags to ensure the shelf life and integrity of our beauty products.

1. Start with the bag itself

I change my makeup bag quite often.  I love a new makeup bag.  You can clean your makeup bag inside and out to avoid bacteria.  Use 91% or higher alcohol or a cosmetic cleaner or antimicrobial soap and a clean cloth or paper towel or if its fabric toss it in the washer.  Allow your bag to dry completely.

Wash your brushes

As an artist, the cleanliness of my brushes is everything.  They are my soul.  Your personal brushes that you use each day should be cleaned weekly.   You can also wipe them off daily with 91% or higher alcohol and always allow them to dry completely.  Cleaning brushes is easy.  Take the brush, dampen the bristles under the faucet (do not wet the ferrule or handle of brush).  Place a small pea size amount of cleanser in your hand and sweep the brush back and forth coating the bristles with cleanser.  Rinse under the faucet and repeat until water runs clear. makeup-brush-cleaning-tutorial-rinse-brush Squeeze excess water. Allow to dry on the edge of your counter, this ensures 360 degrees of air circulation around the bristles.  Allow to dry completely.


3. Clean your actual products

Wipe the outside of your compact for example with a cosmetic sanitizer or alcohol.  We want to wipe and clean the outsides of all our products.  Also, I suggest a cosmetic sanitizer to spray your cosmetics after each use to avoid bacteria.
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4. Now the most important! Shelf Life! Your mascara is how old?!

Make Up Shelf Life
Here is a chart you can reference.
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Personally, I change mascara every 3-6 months.  And change my personal lip gloss every 3-6 months.
Our first line of defense is our senses.  If it looks off- toss it.  If it has an odor- toss it.  If any of your cosmetics have a clay like or chemical smell – this is what happens when makeup goes bad- toss immediately.
Tightly screw all your caps to avoid drying
Keep cosmetics in a cool(74 degrees or lower) dry place. Never expose to extreme heat.
Follow these simple steps to a fabulous and healthy 2015 face!
Happy New Year!