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Now that October has ended, we all know what’s up next…the Holiday season. The first one up is Thanksgiving, so we only find it appropriate to rate our “Top Three” products that us new moms are thankful for.

Rakijah’s Picks:

1. Fisher Price cell phone:  I don’t know what I would do without this fun toy.  When my son was about 6 months old he was already reaching for everyone’s smart phone.  Why?  Because that’s what everyone has in their hands nowadays.  So one day I was shopping and saw this play phone and had to get it.  He loved it and it took his attention away from the “real thing” which was such a life saver!!  It rings, plays songs, says “hello”, etc…  The only downside to this item is that the sound is very low, but I think it’s because it is for the older infant or younger toddler.

I give this one a 1 on the “Leaky Bottle Scale”!!   (0 being the best, 3 being the worst)bottle



2.  Vitech Book (Storytime Rhymes):  This is such a great item to have as well.  Whenever my son is getting fussy or bored I just hand this electronic book to him and he is occupied for at least 10-15 minutes.  That might not seem long, but in “Mommy minutes” it’s plenty of time to get several things done.  It has about 5 classic story rhymes that it sings and plays.  It is interactive, where your little one can press a couple of buttons to make the songs start/stop and it’s a book, so they have to turn the “pages” and look at the words as well.  I’ve had this for over a year and the battery has not run out yet!!

I give this a 0 on the “Leaky Bottle Scale.” boy



3.  Babyganics Face, Hand, & Bottom wipes:  We have been using these wipes ever since my son was born.  They are ultra sensitive, fragrance and paraben free.  The best thing yet, is that they can be used on the face, hands, bottoms and everywhere else on their body.  Toddlers get extremely messy and these come in handy always!!!  I can never leave home without them!!  P.S. Mom and Dad can use them too!!

I give these a 0 on the “Leaky Bottle Scale.”  boy





Bridget’s Picks:

1.  Play Kitchen & Accessories – My daughter received her toy kitchen for her 1st birthday and it was truly one of the greatest gifts she has received! She plays with it so much and I feel that it is a toy that she will be entertained by for years and years to come!  She also has a shopping cart, plenty of toy food, and a basket.  It is great for teaching children about the cooking process, to be cautious of the hot stove, and about serving food.  My daughter loves bringing me the play food that she has prepared for me.  It brings a smile to hers and my face every time.

pTRU1-10800284dtStep 2 Prepare and Share Kitchen

I give this a 0 on the “Leaky Bottle Scale.”boy

2.  No Spill Big Bubble Bucket – What kid doesn’t like bubbles? What parent enjoys the mess? Not too many! This is why I absolutely love the no spill bucket! Your child can knock it over, leave it turned over on it’s side and try to use it all day without it spilling bubbles all over.  This absolutely saved me during the long summer days outside.  My only complaint is that I do not find that the wands work as well as they should.  I frequently would have to redip the wand a few times to get it to work.


I give this one a 1 on the “Leaky Bottle Scale”!!   bottle


3.  Wagon – This was another amazing present.  They are great for walks to the park when you want to bring stuff along with you, and/or they can seat two children.  There is storage below one of the seats with a compartment and there are cup holders for the child or children to put their cups in.


 I give this a 0 on the “Leaky Bottle Scale.”boy

Of course we couldn’t do a Thanksgiving review without mentioning food!  As we all know, babies and toddlers can be very ,very picky eaters, so we’ve decided to mention our top three foods that we are thankful for and some different ways that we cook them for our little ones.

Rakijah’s Picks:

1.  Cheese:  Who doesn’t love cheese?  My son loves cheese and the good thing about it is that it can go into so many dishes and “mask” the healthy veggies that most tots can’t stand to eat.


  • Chunks- cheese chunks just by themselves are an excellent finger food and my son never turns this snack down; I use a mild cheddar.  Another great item is a mozzarella string cheese.  It’s very soft and he can just bite it or pull pieces off, which keeps him occupied for a little while as well!!
  • Cheese sauce-  I make a cheese sauce with butter, cheddar, and cream and then drizzle it over some “unappetizing” veggies, to mask their taste.  It goes great over small chopped broccoli bits as well as sweet peas.

2.  Sweet potatoes/yams– These potatoes are very rich in vitamin A and can be cooked in many, many ways.  I do the following:

sweet potatoes

  • Just baked/chunked- when baked, the sweet potato develops this naturally sweet taste that almost everyone loves!!  When cooled a bit, I chop t up and serve it to my son in chunks.  It is very soft and tasty.
  • Mashed with butter- I just tried this technique recently where I just mashed them and added a little butter and water and made it into a great sauce!!  I used it as a sauce for a broccoli and cheese filled ravioli and he ate it all up!! Yum!!

3.  Avocado: These fruit are full of “good fats” and are rich in potassium and folic acid.  My son has loved them ever since he started eating solids.  I used to puree them, but now that he can eat more chunkier foods this is how I prep them:


  • Sliced in chunks-  again this is a great finger food when sliced into chunks.  My son loves them so much that he eats a whole one every day!!
  • On soft bread/spread-  it can be mashed and made into a spread that can be used on crackers or soft wheat bread.  I add some seasoning (a little garlic powder and Braggs Liquid Aminos) and “Waalaa”!!

Bridget’s Picks:

1.  Individual Peanut Butter Cups – Parents of picky eaters, like mine, who do not always want to eat foods like chicken or fish can really find this product useful! My daughter absolutely loves peanut butter but she really doesn’t want to be bothered with bread or crackers.  She just wants a spoon! These perfect individual sized cups are great for travel! I take them everywhere I go just in case my picky girl doesn’t want to eat what is on the menu.  **Of course watch out for peanut allergies!**


2.  Fruit Squeeze Pouches – Have I mentioned that my daughter is picky? The only way that I can get my daughter to eat fruit lately is in a squeeze pouch.  My daughter is a big fan of the GoGo Squeeze Apple Sauce Pouches.  However, she loves Gerber Fruit Squeeze Pouches as well.  Sometimes they even mix some veggies in too! It’s great for sneaking some nutrition into you child’s day.


 3.  Annie Macaroni and Cheese – Sometimes we need to make our kiddies a meal quickly.  Nothing is worse than when they are starving, impatient, and there is nothing ready to go in the refrigerator!  Annie’s comes in several different flavors and can be prepared quickly!  Not only is it quick, but it is a well-made product that has natural ingredients.  Our personal favorite flavor is the Shells & Real Aged Cheddar!


Most of all, we are thankful for our children.  They are the loves of our lives!!!


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