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Who is Tiombe Lockhart? You may know her from the group Cubic Zirconia, but she is now on her solo career. She is making a BOLD statement, that she is here and “…Just getting started!”

She is Atlanta, Georgia born and raised with a taste of California living and NYC seasoned. She might have grown up in the hood, but that didn’t stop her from being engaged with different artistic lifestyles. She was influenced at a younger age by her best friends mother who was a photographer and painter. As children they would visit her friends mother video gallery often for inspiration. Little did she know, those influences would soon show through her music and lifestyle.
Tiombe debuted her single, “Can’t Get Enough” back in January which was produced by Hudson Mohawke. She later then released the video “Gone” which was taped in Costa Rica. As of recent, she performed at Glasslands to release another single.
During her performance at Glasslands, she walked to the stage with her backup singers/instrumentalist dressed in all white. They walked down the stairs, through the crowd chanting with a hand drum and maracas. Tiombe harmonized with the singers for a moment, then released her delicate, yet powerful jazz sound to the audience. The faces of the people in the audience were filled with big smiles and wide eyes as they gazed at her grace on stage.
Even though her performance at Glasslands was short, it was truly sweet. Tiombe was aiming for perfection for her release, and she did just that! She plans to not plan for this current project, but to work really hard to continue to release bomb music. “This is only the beginning.”
Check out the Interview with WMDSF Correspondent Tia Love and Tiombe Lockhart: