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It’s Sunday night at Double Door, and the DJ is playing my tunes. The whole crowd is moving their hips from side-to-side as we rock to the beat. The DJ stops and the crowd gets loud as a man walks to the center of the stage. He places his cloth on the mic and starts spitting bars, he starts to sing in this strong and voluminous voice. Bringing the crowd on a emotional roller coaster of happiness through smiles and joyous tears. The crowd was feeling… Good. Mali Music– a believer in God and a true artist, performed in Chicago and left a lasting impression on everyone’s heart.
Who is Mali Music? Honestly, I didn’t know who he was for a long time. But, I heard this song, “Yahweh” in 2011 and never knew who the artist was. I had all my friends asking around trying to find this mystery artist. Since my ears listened to this beautiful, touching, and captivating song, I had to find him at once! My friends were of no help, but I thank the creators of Google! Google was able to match the song, “Yahweh” to the artist. From that moment on… I became a fan.

Mali Music
Mali Music grew up in the church and started making music at a young age. He created a MySpace page for his music where he was setting a platform for his listeners. As his craft advanced, he independently released the albums, The Coming and The 2econd Coming. Both of these projects helped elevate him into his career as an independent artist. But, it was his performance at the BET Music Awards that gave him the exposure he was looking for. After his BET performance, he had industry heavy hitters reaching out to him because they were amazed at his performance. In 2013, Mali Music signed to the Mark Pitts Bystorm Entertainment label at RCA records.

Now with his new record label backing him up, Mali Music had his fans waiting for a new album. But, on June 17, 2014 he released Mali Is.. On this album, he has a track listing of 12 amazing songs. A few of my favorite songs are: “Ready Aim,” “Heavy Love,” and “Little Lady.” I heard “Ready Aim” earlier this year and The song is solid in sound. Mali sings the song with such conviction in his voice when he says the word “Fire!” But, in the song “Little Lady,” his delivery is in a softer tone. Lastly, “Heavy Love” makes me want to Step. (If you’re from Chicago, you know exactly what Stepping is.) This up-tempo song allows you to Step or move how you please and just groove.

Follow Mali Music on his new endeavors and support him. If he’s making a stop in your town, purchase a ticket to his concert. Trust me, he’ll have you leaving satisfied!

mali music


**Special thanks to We Book Bands and the staff at Double Door in Chicago, you guys ROCK!** 



Check Out “Beautiful” by Mali Music