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Who is Justin Ruff?

He is a well-groomed, falsetto reaching, and skating gem. I met Justin at an open mic held on the north side of Chicago called, Intimate Words held at the Silver Room. He shared his unique sound with a group of about 25 viewers. His voice instantly caught my attention!

Justin-Ruff-ElevatedJustin Ruff attended an performing arts school in Cincinnati Ohio. There is where he knew he wanted to become a full-time entertainer. He moved to Chicago to take his dream to the next level. Justin has been and still is performing on many stages throughout Chicago and the Chicagoland area. He was recently a finalist on ABC’s Windy City live, Search For A Star competition. He was also nominated for R&B Artist of the Year for the Chicago Independent Music Award. But, what had caught my attention lately was Justin’s song, “Take My Time” in rotation on Chicago’s hit radio station WGCI! So I decided to take the time to listen to his music for a good review and share a few of my favorite songs from the artist.

He has released an EP entitled, Introducing Justin Ruff The EP. His hit single, “Take My Time” is featured on the EP, but the song I have on repeat is, “Can I Do It”. This song brought me back to the early 2000 R&B songs when the sound of music was somewhat meaningful, but fun and catchy. Unfortunately, the song doesn’t have Justin’s signature of a lot of scats or falsetto’s, but it offers a smooth listen which makes it easy to keep it on repeat. With his lyrics saying he can basically cater to a woman’s needs, what more can a woman ask for from a man? In this song, Justin delivers the message that he can please a woman with confidence in a non-vulgar way.

Estelle’s original song, “American boy” is my number two pick for my karaoke nights. Justin covered this song, but slowed it down and did an acoustic/jazzy version with much falsetto pitches. Indeed I took an instant like to this song. I love when an artist can change one of my favorite songs and flip it to make something new. He also did a Miguel cover of “Quickie”. Overall, this a smooth piece! Justin added his signature style of skats and falsettos, but it was just enough. I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of the cover.

Justin Ruff is someone who is on the come up as a rising star. His jazz vocal training is far from average. He is a scatting machine! Follow and support his journey to the top of the charts. Help his dreams come true as you listen and enjoy his good tunes.

Follow him on twitter: @justinruffmusic and visit his site: www.justinruffmusic.com