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Meet BB Thomaz a German Singer/Songwriter who has come to the U.S. to take over the charts. BB captivates her audience by not only her vocal abilities but with her phenomenal beauty. Read on as WMDSF gets to know all there is too know about Ms. Thomaz.



BB, we know that you are a singer/songwriter, what other hidden talents do you have?

One of my hidden talents is producing. Creating a song is like painting a picture – and my lyrics are the brush, the melody is the color and the track is the canvas – then I finally found all the ingredients to paint my own beautiful pictures…

I also love surfing and horse back riding.


When did you discover your love for music?

At 3 years old, going to church with my faternal grandmother, I picked up a tamborine. That’s when I fell in love with music.  But it was not until I was 13, that I wrote my first song.


Being raised in Germany, did you face any adversities as a bi racial singer?

No, I have always felt more then welcome and comfortable in Germany. Although they are curious about my look and sometimes even ask if they can touch my hair.


What’s one word that best describes your music?



One of my favorite songs by you is “Fighter”, what was the inspiration behind that track?

The inspiration behind that song was being told as a child that I was worthless and nothing. Those words haunted me until I decided to fight against it and pour all of those emotions into this song.

IMG_1879What is next to come from BB Thomaz?

The single “Fighter” will finally be released on Itunes by the end of July and I am in the studio, finishing up my EP called “Revelations”. There is so much that I want to tell the world through my songs…

Was the transition from Germany to New York a hard one?

The transition happened so quickly – with me packing my stuff, moving to the United States, writing and producing in the studio – I haven’t had time to even think about the transition.

Singing/Songwriting is your passion, what do you love most about it?

Singing is soul healing, not only for me but also for the people I sing to. To me music is power and love and it tells more then words can ever express. And through songwriting I can get things of my chest but also motivate myself and inspire others.

Who would you like to work with in the music industry? As a song writer or to collab with on a track?

I love Drake, Ludacris and Maxwell !!!


Where can our readers hear/purchase your music?

On Itunes.


When is your next performance in the NY area?

November 25th at The Standard, East Village .


What advice do you have for those looking to pursue a career in music?

Dare to have the biggest dreams, be true to who you are and believe in yourself.


B.B. Thomaz has recently returned from a 6 week European tour.

Contact Info:

Dolphin Entertainment Management Group

Rowena Husbands

Email: dolphinentgrp@gmail.com


Facebook: B.B. Thomaz

Instagram: @BBThomazz

Twitter: @BBThomaz


 Hear B.B.’s Song “Fighter” Here: