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catering2 Happy February A.K.A.; the month where singles are reminded of what the solo life is like! Single women; like myself, are usually content with their lives while mingling and getting to know diverse individuals, until February 14 comes around of course.  For those ladies who are dating someone or in a relationship and feel they should be the one surprised on this Holiday night, I am here to tell you that there is nothing erroneous with you planning the Valentine’s Day Date! Standards and stipulations for relationships I believe ended years ago. Every relationship and situation is different. A woman being obligated as the one who cooks, cleans and take care of the kids still exists, but in this day and age, more fathers are actually partaking in those roles! If they can hold down the household, why can’t we arrange something special for him?


Even if you are not in a situation as the one described above, I am sure there are guys out there that go out their way to make you feel special on a daily basis. Though we women look forward to being surprised by our lover on Valentine’s Day, does that really mean that we cannot be the one to surprise and strategize the Valentine’s Day date for our men?  We know that making sure we are continuously happy isn’t always peaches and cream. We have to admit that we can occasionally be picky and lack understanding. If he doesn’t deserve this night ladies, then he simply doesn’t deserve you! Go ahead and check out those restaurants, hotels and suites. Put on your best dress and sexiest heels and let that special guy know that he is appreciated!