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We handle a lot.  As women, I mean; we handle a lot. Think about it… When was the last time a week dragged on by without you having to handle at least two things that drained more energy from you than you expected to disperse?


As women, we are built to handle anything that comes our way within the multiple roles that we play; as mothers, wives or girlfriends, sisters, friends, career women, and everything else in between. And we don’t complain, we just handle it.


It is because of this fact that we need a moment, at least once a week, to break away from everything, kick our heels off, let our hair down, and really enjoy a ‘Ladies’ Night Off’ at a place that understands what women deal with on a weekly basis.


Rustik Tavern, a cozy restaurant/bar in the Clinton Hill area of Brooklyn, is home to many busy women who wear many hats during the week. In appreciation for these women, the dimly lit, relaxing restaurant has launched a new night, Ladies’ Night Off, for women who really do need a night off.


Every Thursday from 8pm to 12am, ladies are welcomed at Rustik for a no-fuss dinner with their sister-friends and – if they are Scandal or How To Get Away With Murder Fans – TV shows.  For the ladies who can’t be bothered with Olivia Pope and Fitz’ drama, there are board games and card games available in the restaurant.


Best part; ladies get to enjoy extended happy hour drink specials all night! ($3 well cocktails, wine, and draft beer)


It is truly a night for ladies (not a common gimmick to lure men in the place). So next time you ‘just need a moment’, ladies, head over to Rustik Tavern for a relaxing night, whether alone or with other ladies who, also, need a break. We deserve it.

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Josi Marie