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I have spent the last 2 weeks making positive birthday memories for my children. One daughter turned 16 and the other turned 4. I am sharing this because, I want to encourage mothers and all readers that can influence the life of child, how important it is to create valuable lasting experiences.

Every time you turn on the news, there is a political scandal, a dreadful crime and an economy that is still struggling. Where is the hope! Where are the encouraging stories? Yes, these stories we hear and read about are real and true and necessary to report. But let’s also concentrate on creating experiences that can make our children rise above the negativities of our world and instill within them the power to make change and a difference.

Communicating with our children and consistently instilling values and morals are the keys to promote a society ready to make a difference and develop influential citizens. What are we teaching our young men and women after they watch a television show that demotes marriage and promotes infidelity? How are we explaining to our daughters that watch their favorite teenage actresses and singers that certain styles of clothing are not appropriate for school?

Mothers! Fathers! I am sounding the alarm and it has to start from home. The values we teach at home will follow them for the rest of their lives. I have worked in the school system for almost 25 years and what we provide for our children at home comes out in their activities and academic performance in school.

We are competing against the cell phones and the social media. Remember the cell phones cannot instill values, we as parents and guardians do! Have a social instill values5media night off and create some fun family time. These are the memories that will last a lifetime and will be a lifeline to the future.