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Ladies, at some point in our lives we’ve dreamed of a big wedding, white fence, strong provider and beautiful children. In the interim, we’ve also wondered what would happen if we actually never had any of those wonderful things. I’ve definitely thought about this before, What would happen if I never got married?

After months of thinking this was odd, I learned that there are indeed women who have spent most of their time living a single life and focused on their career.

To me, time has changed so much. The morals our parents and grandparents grew up believing, just somehow faded away and doesn’t exist in our world as much.
oprahLet’s take Oprah for example. Everyone knows that Oprah is a strong independent woman who has always put starting a family on hold for her career. Inspirational speaker, Iyanla Vanzant, is the complete opposite. Re-marrying her now husband after her first marriage ended, Vanzant was able to somehow balance her love life and motherhood while still managing to have a successful career.


With these two opposites, the question still remains; Have we as woman become too independent or are we becoming encouraged to still pursue a successful marriage and family?

I strongly believe that this solely depends on the person.

I have given two examples of women who probably at one point wouldn’t want to switch roles not even for a second! I know that sometimes we feel that taking care of ourselves is important, just so that no man can say “If it wasn’t for me….” or maybe think that a man would distract us from where we are trying to get in life.

However, I think that there is no better feeling than knowing you have someone in your life who has your back and understands your specific lifestyle/career. Not all men are distractions and not all men have your best interest. There is nothing wrong with being independent because being a WOMAN IN POWER is the sexiest trait you can have. Just don’t forget the importance of stability and love.