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Being cared for without commitment has become a huge trend. Some women are comfortable with being just the ‘side chick’ until they want more; if ever. No matter how you put it, everyone will always like different things. To me, it seems as if certain women want particular things from a man without titles or attachments, the same way men are with us! For example, someone who can take care of them financially, someone they can build a mental connection with or someone that can provide them with pleasure, all without having to be in a relationship, may work for some.

Although this may seem strange so some, to many it works out easier this way. As far as I am concerned, there are men who are in relationships that want to keep that person around but still want to explore other options or have someone on the side to fulfill what their girlfriend isn’t providing. This is how the new girl becomes his side chick.



When they meet the other woman; the ‘side chick’, they take care of them and treat them how they feel they should be treated. If this woman isn’t quite looking for a relationship, she will fall for the guy and accept her position as the other woman until she gets tired. Being comfortable comes from knowing that she doesn’t have to deal with the drama of being the girlfriend, having to worry about the kids or other responsibilities. She can do what she wants when she wants but the best thing she has is power over of the guys’ main woman!

Who wouldn’t want that right! I know people who have been side chicks and some of them love it, while some hate it. The ones who hate it are usually the ones who end up falling for the guy. They aren’t comfortable anymore being the side chick. They want to now be known, they want to be able to go out in public, and they want to start sleeping in the same bed as the guy. They simply want more. After a period of time they start to realize that being hidden isn’t for them and they deserve more.

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On the other hand, those who actually love remaining the side chick are content with what they’re getting. The money, the gifts and the attention necessary to keep them are sometimes all they ever need.  This of course will forever be a choice. If you can handle not falling for someone who gives you what you want and tells you what you need to hear, then go for it. If you want someone that will only be yours, be the main girl for a guy who won’t ever need a side chick!