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Many women assume that they have to bend over backwards to impress a man, but ironically that is not the case. Yes, the initial attraction is based on appearance but only to a certain degree. Men like to be mentally stimulated by their partner and they like to be the dog chasing the cat, if you will.  We have lost the traditional mating ritual of allowing the man to pursue and court the woman. For some reason women have switched the roles of becoming the independent modern woman and in the process have placed men on a pedestal; women can be empowered/independent and still allow a man to be a man. Here are some tips on how to get that man to take you seriously and put you on that pedestal.


Rule #1:

Be Confident– Confidence is key in everything you do. It speaks volumes. When you enter a room the first thing that grabs the attention of others is the way in which you carry yourself. If you don’t take yourself seriously, how can you expect anyone else to?


Rule #2:

Don’t Appear Desperate– Desperation (clingy, needy, looking for attention) is something a man can smell a mile away.  Make him feel that by simply having your attention he is the luckiest man on Earth!! And he is.


Rule #3:

More is Less– To get that man’s attention doesn’t mean you have to be half naked ladies. If you want to be treated and seen as a “lady” you must act the part. If there is nothing left to the imagination and your goodies are on display for all to see, why would anyone treat you with respect? Make him use his imagination a bit, have him wondering and also if he does ever get to see what lies beneath he would appreciate it that much more.  The same goes for makeup less is more, men like to see the real you, that natural beauty.



Brains and Beauty– Looks are great, but looks fade and so does your make up four in the morning. Be more than beauty. Men like a bit of a challenge every now and then, don’t go all Johnnie Cochran on him, but educate yourself with knowledge about everything. You don’t have to love sports or politics but know enough that you can throw him a curve ball every now and then with your intellect, it will make him want you that much more.


Rule #5:

Let him pursue you– It’s all well and good to smile at him from across the room or even start a small conversation, these are good openers, as they let him know you’re interested in a subtle way. Men like these signs, as one of the biggest peeves of men is rejection. By smiling at him, he has an opening to engage you in communication, if he’s interested that is. And if he’s not, that’s ok too, on to the next, no need in wasting time with someone who isn’t looking to talk to you right?


Men like a challenge, not a nag or someone who is too clingy just give him the chance to make that move and get to know you, the rest is smooth sailing! 😉