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Now that the holidays are over, many of our readers are left wondering; “How can I shed this extra weight that I have put on during the holiday season?”. The most effective way to get into great shape is always to hire a good personal trainer. However, for those of our readers who cannot seem to find the right trainer for their specific needs, we offer a few tips each month here at WMDSF Magazine to help. The best types of exercises in order to burn the most bodyfat are by far compound movements. Compound movements incorporate many different muscles as well as zones of the body. A great example of a compound movement is the burpee. Some arenas refer to the burpee as an up-down.

A burpee begins with the athlete in a push-up position. From there the athlete pops up into a leap frog or squatting position. Then the athlete catapults him/herself into the air with both hands raised. Upon landing, the athlete hops down into push-up position, executes a push-up then repeats.



After about 5 sets of 10 reps, the athlete will have to dip into his/her energy storage just to finish.

While hiring a certified personal trainer would be the safest and most efficient way to get to your “ideal image” at least here at WMDSF Magazine we can  inspire you to keep pushing through.

Keep bangin my friends!