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Many women ask me if they should or shouldnt drink protein shakes. The misconception is that protein powder is strictly for men. WRONG!! Protein is the main component of a strong, healthy muscle.

In order to burn fat and calories, a woman’s body must contain ample lean muscle. Therefor, every advantage she can have in creating that lean muscle, including, but not limited to, consuming a protein shake within 30 minutes of finishing a workout should be utilized.

Most women dont realize how much protein they need for optimal health or how to include it in their diet. The amount that women need is less than men and truly varies by age, weight, and activity level.  Most women require about 46 grams of protein daily.


 Pregnant women need almost double that amount, about 80 grams daily.  The USDA recommends 17-21% of women’s total calories come from protein. If you exercise regularly, 25-30% is in order.  This includes protein from foods like lean meat, fish, beans, dairy products, as well as from whole grains and nuts.

Proteins from whole grains and beans are healthier than those derived  from animals because they are not as high in saturated fat or cholesterol.  protein shakes are recommended to supplement for proteins not consumed from whole foods.  There are several types of protein powders to choose from.

Women need less protein per serving than men.  Shakes for women should include higher levels of B6, iron, and folic acid.  Many women think protein shakes will make them “bulk up” because bodybuilders have used protein drinks to help build muscle.

 In reality, if used properly, protein supplements can assist women lose bodyfat and tone up muscles making them leaner and stronger without the excess bulk.

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