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Here it is, May 2014. Are you in the shape that you need to be in for the last push before the beach season is here? Guess what? You are not alone. Most of us wait until the last couple of weeks of the Spring season to attempt to get into optimal “summer shape”.  The good news is that all hope is not lost. With an increase in the intensity of some simple workouts and the proper supplementation, enough fat can be burned to get close to where one needs to be physically in order to show some skin.


We can start with vitamins. Most people who exercise regularly take some form of multi-vitamin or another. If you are not taking a multi-vitamin, start. As a working class American you are probably not ingesting enough nutrients nor getting the proper amount of sleep for optimal health and muscle growth. A good multi-vitamin will provide all of the necessary nutrients to create a stable and healthy environment inside of the body so that food can be synthesized better and daily bodily functions can be most efficient. One such product is Double X by Nutrilite. Another very important supplement is Omega-3 Fish Oil. Omegas work by reducing and limiting inflammation inside of the body. This inflammation can be due to food, exercise, stress, even lack of sleep. Omega-3 Fish Oil can also be used by women for painful periods, breast soreness, and high blood pressure due to  pregnancy. Oceans Essentials by Nutrilite is my first choice. Finally, Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is the closest to a “magic pill” that I can think of.  CLA is a natural fat burner (not a stimulant). It teaches your body how to utilize its fat cells for energy. So when working out you will have more energy and burn more fat simultaneously. CLA 500 by Nutrilite is the cleanest, purest form of CLA that I have found to date.


In order to burn fat quickly, it is highly recommended that some type of H.I.T. Training be implemented into your workout regimen. H.I.T. Is an acronym for high intensity training. What that means is intervals of load bearing exercises for a specific period of time with a short rest until the next interval. Repeat this process several times. The goal of H.I.T. Training is to elevate and sustain a heart rate that reaches your individual target zone to help to burn calories efficiently from fat. The reason for the elevation of your heart rate is to keep the body burning calories even after you have left the gym. If you are spending an average of 60-90 minutes (even 7 days per week) that is not going to be enough time to effectively obliterate fat in a timely manner. Therefore, it is imperative to give your body the ability to burn fat while you are in a resting state. The H.I.T. Training plus the supplementation as well as proper diet will certainly start you on the road to the YOU that you want to be.