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The new year (2014) is fast approaching. Many of us didn’t quite make it to our fitness goals for 2013, but all is not lost. If you started off strong only to hobble to the finish line, trust that you are not alone. Several of our readers share that very same path. The good thing is that each of you know exactly what it takes to get started. You may not know, however, how to stay motivated throughout the entire year or until you actually reach the goal that you have set for yourself. The simple answer is to hire a personal trainer.
Personal trainers are available not only to teach you the proper form and technique for the various lifts, movements, and exercises involved in a fitness program, they also serve as motivators when you cannot find it in yourself to continue. Personal trainers are also goal setters, in order to keep your focus realistic and attainable.

Many of the personal trainers that I have had the pleasure of knowing are trained to teach several different styles of exercise and conditioning methods.
The misconception is that personal training is very expensive. Now admittedly, some personal trainers command top dollar based on a certain skill set that they produce as well as the demographic that they specialize in. However, many personal trainers charge far less than what the general perception may be.
The most efficient way to procure a personal trainer at the rate that you can afford is to just to just talk to one.
As the Personal Training Director at LA FITNESS I have hired and fired as well as interviewed quite a few trainers. Each trainer, whether good or bad, agreed that in order for any person to truly reach their optimal level in fitness, needed some help/coaching.

If you want advice, or indeed are looking to hire a personal trainer to help you to become the ultimate you, reach out to one of the elite Master Trainers of CUSTOM BODY SHAPERZ. Send an email to www.jordancoins33@gmail.com for more information or tag yourself on instagram @custombodyshaperz.
Below you will find a few links for some fairly simple exercises that you can do at home to strengthen your arms and core.

Happy Holidays
-Jordan White