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So you’ve been going to the gym 5 days out of the week. You are paying a little bit extra for a personal trainer.  Although you feel much better and have lost a few inches, you don’t feel satisfied with the amount of weight or fat that you have lost. Once again ladies, you are not alone. In order to take your physique to the “next level” you have to also focus on your diet.  That DOES NOT mean a diet, it means the diet. In other words, making healthy choices as to what you eat on a daily basis.  Any company that entices you to indulge in their products because they include a revolutionary potion or ingredient that will miraculously cause the fat to melt is completely falsely advertising.

There are NO MAGIC BEANS!  In order to achieve the look and feel that you desire a detailed account of everything that you ingest must be kept.  Log every spoonful, forkful, and handful of whatever you eat and drink for at least 72 hours.  Once you have recorded that information, you can use it to determine what it is that you need to do away with.

 On a day to day basis, in order to help with speeding up your metabolism, you must eat between 4-6 meals during your waking hours.   Fueling your body that many times within your waking hours is no easy feat, it is however, well worth the discipline.  The reason it is so important to eat properly  is because your body is always in one of two distinct states; anabolic and catabolic.

Anabolic is muscle building, while catabolic is muscle destroying.  You are either going to fuel your body by ingesting high quality foods, or your body is going to seek out the most nutrient-rich material that it has to offer (muscles). If the latter happens, it will force your body, due to the deterioration of lean muscle, to store fat.  Therefor, regardless of the fact that you regularly exercise, your bodyfat will rise.

Make sure that you are eating your fair share of protein in the form of chicken, fish, and meat.  If you do not indulge in any of those foods, a good protein supplement may be in order.  Carbohydrates are not the enemy.  An overabundance of them at the wrong times is.  Eat the majority of your daily intake of carbohydrates  with your breakfast and early morning snack meals.  As the day progresses, carbs should be diminished.  Stay far away from them with your dinner and late snack (only green veggies). Photo Jul 01, 12 34 49 AM

If you stick to those simple rules in conjunction with the personal training you will be well on your way to achieving the body that you have always wanted.  For more tips and advice on what to eat and when, contact me at Jordan@healthymealsdirect.com.

Happy lifting and healthy living!

Photo Jul 01, 12 34 48 AM