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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and you’re gonna want to get an outfit together for that special dinner, whether candlelit at home, romantic overpriced restaurant, cheap hamburger hideout, etc: it doesn’t matter—–> you gotta look fabulous!!  Valentine’s day shouldn’t be a depressing holiday for you to lament on, “oh my god, I’m still single,” or “oh my god, why don’t I have a boyfriend,” or even, “Bah Humbug- I hate Valentine’s Day.”  Valentines Day is about celebrating the love you have in your life, and everyone that you share it with: your friends, your family, extended family, pets, your inner circle, your social circle.  Maybe this is the year you find that true love, and that one person you’ve been waiting for: don’t you want to look amazing when this happens??  Of course you do!  Check out some looks I think are really cute:

1. VS Open Back FrontVS Open Back

Victoria’s Secret, Open Back Lace Dress, $78, Color: Red Lace

I am a firm believer in a lady in red, walking into any room and having all eyes on her.  I love the look of classy chic, with peekaboo lace trim, at an appropriate length, and then BAM!!!! —-> check out that low back!  Being sexy is not about showing off the ladies, and all of Victoria’s Secrets: its sexy elegance and I think this dress does it.  Paired off nicely with a nude stiletto, and I think it makes for a sweet, sexy pair.  Ladies, little tip: you always need a nude shoe in your closet.  Check out this perfect shoe I found for this lady:

shoedazzle dulceShoedazzle, Dulce, $80.95

2. express-pleated-keyhole-fit-and-flare-dressExpress, Pleated Keyhole Fit and Flare Dress, $79.90, Color: Bright Tamale

A fit and flare is always a go to, no matter what your body shape, because these dresses are designed to flatter: they pull you in at the waist to give you that hourglass shape we all desire, and a flare out away from our hips (problem area for a lot of women!)  By pulling in at the waist, it minimizes the abdominal region some of us women might  have trouble with as well.  This color is sure to flatter the majority of skin tones, and is so easy to accessorize, with a great belt (see below)

express-grommeted-stretch-beltExpress, Grommeted Stretch Belt, $14.99 (50% off clearance)

And of course a great shoe to throw together with this look would be this lady right here:

shoedazzle magnetikShoedazzle, Magnetik by Steve Madden, $116.95

Dressing up the fit and flare, is very easy, especially when paired with a grommeted belt.  A T-strap works best for your feet with this look, to showcase the perfect pedicure, you have of course gotten!

3. VS Pointelle dress Victoria’s Secret, Pointelle Dress, $59.50, Color: Euphoria Pink

I simply love this dress!  It is so sweet, flirty, feminine, and so ultimately romantic!!  I love a soft pink color, which will set off perfectly plumed cheeks with the barest whisper of blush.  And of course, what do I love the most?  The fact that this dress is on sale!!  The dress is not the standard red, but the softest shade of pink which is so versatile, easy to wear, and you can get so much use out of it!!  I personally like to create a bit of an edge, and I would throw a leather jacket over this, or a denim jacket: you can’t go wrong with either!

express-patch-pocket-denim-jacketExpress, Patch Pocket Denim Jacket, $79.90, Color: 

express-minus-the-leather-studded-seam-jacketExpress, (Minus The) Leather Studded Seam Jacket, $119.99 (additional 50% off)

Quilted JacketExpress, (Minus The) Leather Quilted Jacket, $128

I love throwing a leather jacket over anything, and with spring time hopefully not too far off, its soon time to dust off those “jean jackets,” as we called them back in my day!!  To top this look off, I would actually throw a pair of flats with this: yes I know, I said it!!  I actually said, a pair of flats!!  Check out my pick:

Kima SideShoedazzle, Kima, $19.95, Color: Grey

This is a different look from something I normally would’ve done:  the West Coast is definitely influencing me!  When you can’t get your hands on a pair of Valentino flats valentino-fall-2010-studded-flats-profile, which would’ve been the perfect girl to accent this dress, I’m willing to go a Shoedazzle route, which in my personal opinion, has some great shoes, at prices I don’t mind paying!!

Well ladies, those are some of my ideas for Valentine’s Day looks:  how about you??  Always remember, there’s something out there for every girl, every figure, every shape: and there’s always a trick to hide every flaw!  Take full advantage of corseted tops, bustiers, grommeted belts, boleros, and the life saver of all things: SPANX!!

Stay fab, dolls!!


Beena Jassal