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WMDSF Magazine had the honor of interviewing and shooting Vocalist, TV Personality, Model, Actress, SheIsRyan AKA SIR. With a raw, yet distinctly polished voice, bold and provocative lyrics and an eclectic look that turns heads, it’s not hard to tell why She’s Ryan a/k/a SIR is a force to be reckoned with. The 23 year-old is a former photographer, current published print model, aspiring actress and an emerging singer-songwriter focused on building her brand while inspiring others through her art. In these days of artificial swag and manufactured stardom, the Brooklyn born and bred bombshell has mastered the art of soaking up new environments and incorporating them into her personal style while still remaining true to her big city roots. She’s Ryan boasts multifaceted talents that set her apart from her contemporaries and her brand SIR (also an acronym for her moniker) reveals the blueprint for domination behind this artistic mastermind. Clever? Very. But gimmicky? Never. Her movement represents power, confidence and respect and her message is meant to be one of hope to those who strive to achieve their ultimate goals.


I eat, sleep, and breathe my work” – She’s Ryan


She’s Ryan has quickly transitioned from a shooter behind the lens into a full-fledged artist. Her journey has evolved significantly from her earlier days as a professional VJ and hostess for the likes of Convention Magazine into the all around talent she has become today. After receiving her college degree from Pratt Institute and pursuing careers in graphic design and communications, she soon discovered that her true passion lies in the performing arts and displaying her beauty and infectious personality on camera. Her business savvy and hard work ethic combined with her positive character has blessed her with many opportunities, most notably being published in the prestigious tattoo magazine, Inked Magazine and The Source Magazine. She’s Ryan has certainly been recognized as a constant presence on many scenes, but most importantly, she brings a certain level of quality and consistency to all things associated with her budding brand.


Check out our exclusive interview with SIR below:




You are talented in so many ways, such as singing, rapping, acting, DJing, among others things. Which of these talents take the lead, which are you more passionate about?


Thank you! I would have to say out of all of my talents, singing and rapping take the lead. Only because I am a music artist, or a vocalist. I’m extremely passionate about all of my talents, especially because they all really go hand in hand.  But if I had to choose one, it would be me being a music artist. I am extremely passionate about singing, and performing.


One of the reasons you are the featured model of our holiday edition, is due to your practice as a Buddhist. How did you come to practice Buddhism?  How has it helped you in your life journey?


To make things very clear, I am not a full-blown Buddhist…yet.  Who knows if I’ll ever become fully enlightened, but I do know for a fact that my slow transition into the Buddhist teachings has changed me for the better.


I first became familiar with the teachings when I went through a terrible life changing experience about 4 years ago.  I no longer knew who I was….and even my family couldn’t recognize me.  I was losing myself, and found myself in this deep, dark whole of depression.  But I had one friend who stuck by me…she sort of saved me in a sense.  She never judged, and always saw the positive in every negative situation.  She never TAUGHT me about her spirituality and what she practiced, I simply absorbed and observed on my own.  Until one day I stumbled over books, videos, documentaries all on SELF.  Self awareness, being “awake”, patience, KARMA, truthfulness, meditation, etc. So it was only a matter of time before I found Buddhism.


Through the teachings I am now a walking ball of positivity.  I give off good vibrations no matter where I go…effortlessly. I attract whatever I want.  I am mentally powerful.  I need nothing, because I’m grateful for every single thing I have.  I am abundant, and happy.  This is how it has changed my life.


We love your single “Never Growin Up”, who did you work with to create this track and what was the inspiration behind it?


Thanks again! Never Growin Up is my favorite song.  It always gets me so hyper.

Never Growin Up” is inspired by the way I live.  IM A BIG KID.  Not only because I’m always joking and/or laughing, but because I strongly believe that adults need to sometimes go back to their childlike self. Meaning, not giving a damn who’s watching you, who’s judging you, and becoming STRESS FREE.  We as adults have this thing where we stress over the uncontrollable.  It’s so silly.  If you can’t control it, leave it alone, and don’t stress over it.  That’s how kids are, they are free floating, care free, and most importantly, they are THEM SELVES. “Come with us, we don’t care, we’re not GROWIN up”.


The song was produced by Slimmy Neutron, and written by She’s Ryan and Leah Hayes



What are some of your goals for the future in regards to your music and acting career?


The goal musically is of course super stardom. I don’t aim small at all. I’m talking the level of people who we see as legends.  Ex: Tina turner, Whitney Houston, etc.  Even the living legends we have now such as Beyoncé, or Sia, the writer responsible for the careers of a lot of our biggest artists of today.

As for acting, I’m still finding myself as an actress.  I don’t even know the direction I’m going in.  I’m just taking every respectable role that I land because I genuinely enjoy it, and it helps me release all of this personality and energy I have in me :)

For your musical fans when can they look out for your EP release?


SIR, the self-titled EP will be dropping in the beginning of next year 2015.


We New Yorkers love a great performance, when can we catch you on the stage in NYC?

December 15th at Santos Party Haus, downtown Manhattan.


You’re gorgeous but you’re also a trendsetter, where do you love to shop?

I’m very random when it comes to my personal style.  I go through phases where I’ll only wear all black for months, then I’ll switch it up to old lady paisley prints, and then I’ll get really trendy with things you’ll see people wearing all the time (snapbacks, timberlands, etc).  I just wear what I want.  My primary places to shop are thrift stores far out in queens, the Bronx, and Long Island.  Or out of state.  The reason I go far from the city to thrift shop is because people ACTUALLY sell exclusive old garments there that if sold in a popular part of NYC, would be snatched up in 3 seconds.  So that’s my little secret.


What are 3 things every woman should have in her closet?


Every woman should have a leather jacket, over the knee or knee high/thigh high boots, and a floor length coat (for when you have to pop up at someone’s house for sexy time with lingerie underneath it).


What can a potential trendsetter do to stand out from the rest?


I would say, don’t be so quick to follow trends.  When shopping, even if it seems a little risky to wear….buy it! How do you think trends are started? Be FEARLESS when it comes to how you express yourself through your style.


New York is filled with so many amazing restaurants, which one is your favorite and why?


My favorite kind of food is seafood!  So I love to eat at Oceana on 49th street, or when feeling less fancy, and more in a friends and family mood, the Crab Spot in Brooklyn.


One of your beautiful assets are your tattoos, do they have special means to you such as the Buddha on your back done by Black Ink ‘ s Oh Shit? 


20141118173729_IMG_8353_2Yes, all of my tattoos have a special meaning to me.  The ones across my chest were done by a man very dear to me.  He was my boss when I used to do tattoos, and was also my mentor, and a father figure. And of course, my Buddha means a lot to me because it just reminds me to be relaxed, at peace, and to bring happiness to everything that I do.


Which one hurt the most?


I believe my back hurt the most.  I kind of go into my own little dream world when I get them done, so it’s hard to say.


For those who don’t know, you were once also a tattoo artist, what was the most awkward tat you ever had to do? 


The most awkward tattoo I had to do was just a simple arm tattoo. Upper arm.  But the dude was flirting with me the whole time (which I didn’t want) and in the middle of his inappropriate commentary I felt Jim swaying in his chair……he was becoming unconscious or dizzy because of the pain, and him not eating that day. I told him to go get some soda or something before sitting in the chair again.


There are many who look up to you as the young Dutchess, once did, what advice would you give to those trying to get into the industry?


I would say to just be strong.  No matter how many NO’s you may get, just remember, if you’re passionate enough about your dream, and you have the work ethic to match, people will start saying YES and believing in you.  I went from a photographer, to a musician.  You can only imagine how much hate I’ve received.  But with tunnel vision, diligence, and confidence, I am now only recognized for my music and anything I’ve done IN FRONT of the camera.


What’s one personal goal you have for yourself before you turn 30?


Write a book on my life.  The good, the bad, the ugly, and by that time, the success.


How can our readers get your music?


Find She’s Ryan free downloadable music on Soundcloud.  Just type in ‘Shes Ryan. You can also find me on iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, Amazon, and of course www.SheIsRyan.com


Be sure to catch SheIsRyan in our Holiday Fashion Edition on MagCloud.com