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Every time we put on the radio or the television we hear of yet another tragedy. Nature strikes and lives are destroyed. Innocent lives are lost due to unthinkable crimes. At times, just watching the news channels can raise the anxiety levels of many. The world around us has become a scary movie! However intertwined between all of this negativity, there are positive and wonderful things that happen each day. Unfortunately the good stories are not as highlighted.

I was moved to hear about the special education students in Queens, N.Y. giving back to the community by planting flowers in their school community. The 3rd graders of P.S. 23Q visited the Brandywine senior citizens nursing home in Queens to read and work on various arts and craft with the seniors. It touches my heart to hear about the people that put their resources together to financially assist the victims of storm affected communities.

Something happens on the inside of your physical body, when you do something good for others. There is healing that can take place when you extend yourself unselfishly to help those in need or to just be kind.

I am reminded of the day, I saw my 87-year neighbor caught in a torrential rainstorm without an umbrella. She was unable to walk and was just standing bewildered. I ran toward her with an umbrella and covered her up and walked her around the corner to her home. She was so grateful. This incident not only helped her but it helped me. It uplifted me and affected the remainder of my day in a positive manner. I felt happy!

The good we do for others affects the way in which we live and ultimately affect our overall health. Stress kills! Stress seems to loiter around us at work, school, home and neighborhoods just waiting to make us sick. We need to be able to identity the stressors that effect us and release it by paying it forward and doing something good for someone else.

We have to begin to remove the negative and implement the positive into our lives. Begin today by doing something kind for someone else. Just giving someone an extra smile can travel miles!