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“My girl and I aren’t on good terms, we’re having problems. You don’t have to worry about anyone calling your phone, I promise, I won’t let that happen.” Does this sound familiar? This is what SOME not ALL men might say when they want to have their cake and eat it too. From my own experience and life lessons, I have come up with the top seven (7) reasons why you probably shouldn’t get to know someone who is currently in a relationship:

missing man 7. Most Men Lie: That guy will tell you anything you want to hear to get you to think that he wants to pursue more than a friendship with you. Telling you that his relationship is complicated is the best excuse that he will use. How would you really know if it is true or not without actually giving him a chance? Don’t fall for it.


6.  Some Men Don’t Know What They Want: This is a good one.  They’ll tell you that the complications can’t be explained, but he is more than likely telling his current girlfriend that he wants to make it work. Where would that leave you? Confused is one thing you won’t be because I can guarantee that he will NEVER tell you the truth about what he tells her.


5. The Guy Will Play Dumb When You Start To Catch Feelings: You know what I’m talking about. You start falling for him and he starts straying away. Telling you that you know he has a girlfriend. Wait, What? What happened to things being complicated?  Everything must be coming back together for him and his girlfriend.


4.  You Probably Won’t End Up With Him: If you’re looking for something serious, this isn’t where you need to be!


3. The Guy Will Make It Seem Like The Idea Of Getting To Know Each Other Was Solely Only Yours: One mistake you make that he doesn’t like and he will say something along the line as “I don’t think this will work between us, I’m trying to make things work with my girlfriend.” Now is the appropriate time for you to become confused.


2. Until You’ve Proven Yourself You Will Only Be Seen On Certain Days, and Can Only Talk To Him When It’s Essentially Your Turn: Don’t think when you’re having a rough day and try calling him at 2am because your crying, that he will be there for you. He is more than likely sleeping right next to the girl he’s having complications with. Sorry!


1. The Girlfriend Will NEVER Believe You, She Will Always Think That You’re The One Who Wants Her Man:  When you get that call that you were promised in the beginning that you wouldn’t get, just be prepared to get cursed out! She will ask why she sees missed calls and texts to her man so late at night, and that you better leave her man alone. I’d just laugh at that.

Just find someone who will belong to you and only you. If you meet him with a girl, don’t get to know him until he has officially broken up with her. Everyone is indeed different, but there are people who are too similar. It’s your choice ladies.  But don’t say I didn’t give great pointers!

-Shantaye Bailey