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Under the right circumstances …

Believe what you want to believe, it is after all, 2015 – anything is possible now and just based on my personal experiences, when it comes to sex, all ideologies have been thrown out the window.  We now live in a world where dating and chivalry are becoming a rarity and no-strings-attached sex, which was once a taboo thing, is now becoming more common. 

Why-buy-the-cowAs women, our parents have taught us to keep our legs closed and remain a classy lady at all times – let me even cliché it for you, “Why would a man buy the cow if he’s getting the milk for free”.  While there is certainly a semi-truth to this statement, as a thirty-something year old single woman – I have needs and truth be told I’m NOT going to sit around and wait for a potential buyer to decide if I’m worth being bought.  If I’m hungry, you bet your ass I’m going to actively look for something to eat.  Sometimes, you just have to file away that lady card and be a man.     

With that said, I want to go back to my statement, “under the right circumstances”.  Having meaningless sex “like a man” requires a certain mental and emotional stability.  Unfortunately, emotions and feelings are just embedded in our DNA and “man sex”, can be very challenging.  I believe that in order to accomplish man sex, you have to be self-aware and in control of your emotions; you have to be in a good place in your life emotionally.


Up until my mid 20’s, I was strictly a one man kind of girl and no-strings-attached sex was just blasphemy!  It wasn’t until that devastating break-up and mastering being single that I learned how much fun sex could actually be even if you didn’t have a serious boyfriend sitting around at your disposal.  And while I would love to sit here and brag about my conquests and all the shameful things I’ve done – I’ll just let you assume what you want (insert evil laugh here).

So, ladies you have two choices at this point: 1. you can go out and find someone to settle down with – which let’s be honest, it’s very hard to do especially as you get older.  I’ve tried to find him, but Mr. Right is lost, or being held captive in some foreign prison – I really don’t know and I really could give 2 f**** as to where he is.  So that leaves choice No. 2: Enjoy your life and enjoy meaningless sex with Mr. Right for Tonight.  So long as you understand what it is that you are getting yourself into and you are OK with it, stop wasting time and get to it! 

yesThe time will come when we will have to hang up our G-string for the right guy, but until then? Own being a single woman, enjoy being a single woman, be free and bask in being a single woman!  It’s a glorious thing.  Don’t ever be ashamed of having pulled the man sex card, because under the right circumstances … YES! Yes, we can.