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You Can’t Take It With You starring James Earl Jones, is one of America’s funniest Broadway Comedies. This star studded cast includes the likes of Golden Globe nominee Rose Byrne, Tony Award nominee Kristine Nielsen, Tony Award nominee Annaleigh Ashford and Tony Award winner Elizabeth Ashley.


Screenshot_2014-12-06-09-14-29-1This family is truly one for the books, from Grandpa Vanderhof to the eccentric drunk actress looking to audition for Mama Penny, you will laugh from beginning to end.

James Earl Jones is patriarchal and captivating in his role as Grandpa Vanderhof. As Grandpa is clearly the brains behind this dysfunctional family dynamic.

Although the family is a bit off, the love is genuine and reminds the audience that no family is without flaws. It all revolves around the premise that you in fact, Can’t take it with you and emphasizes the fact we need to live in the moment. Enjoy the quality time with your loved ones, besides the money and material things because no dollar amount will allow you to take it with you.

Worried about taking those with a short attention span? Don’t be. This show will keep you on your toes, from the loud out bursts to the fireworks going off in the kitchen and basement. You won’t be sleeping through this Broadway play.


Be Sure to see this performance before its too late. It runs until February 22nd, 2015.