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   As Summer fades to black,  we swap out our bright summer clothes and await all things fall.  A certain smell in the air signals it’s time for layered sweaters, fabulous scarves, your cute leather jacket and your favorite boots.  Immerse yourself in the richness of a moodier color palette. My favorite trend for Fall 2014 is JEWEL TONES!!!! And you don’t have to be royalty to wear them.


   Fall 2014 doesn’t disappoint! Inviting us to dazzle in jewel tones. Rich, deep reds smolder inglamor.  Plums add a romantic twist on everyday purple.  Don’t forget the color of 2014- Radiant Orchid as well.   Stun in powerful green gemstone hues.  Intensified are Cobalt Blue and Navy. Deep browns and yellows add warmth and an autumnal feel.  So wrap yourself in aluxurious jewel tone frock and snuggle by the fire with your glass of wine and enjoy Fall 2014.

blue tones

fall 2014 15fall 2014 14 Makeup and nails follow the trend as well.  Incorporate these rich and luxurious gem tones into your everyday nail look for that instant pop of color. Your hands will be dripping in gems.  Every woman feels 100% after a fab new mani. Try these for Fall 2014:

 fall 2014 nail 2fall 2014 nail
imagesCATRECQZ nails

   A pronounced fuller brow and a berry lip will have you stepping into Fall 2014 looking polished. Deep rich jewel tone lips add that certain regal femininity to any look.

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   Smolder in deep gem hues for your eyes.  The following palettes will be a hit for the perfect gem tone smokey eye. Swap out your go to brown or black liner for a shade of teal or cobalt blue for that vibrant pop of color.  Use these eye shadows wet to create a new lined look.   insert eye palette pics here and the runway dark look pic all the remaining pics starting w runway look followed by all the palettes

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fall eyes 2014
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   And remember we are all Royals in these exotic deep jewel tones.  Enjoy all that  Fall 2014 brings.  Embrace the chill in the air and looking cute in all things fall.  And don’t be afraid to look like a jewel!