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Valentine’s Day is not all about Smoke & Drama, it’s about looking Fresh with a pop of Red!.

Here’s a quick way to keep it Fresh for your Sweet Valentine.

Step #1 :

Keep your skin Dewy and Natural by ; Moisturizing and Choosing the right foundation for your skin tone.

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Foundations : FIT ME Foundations ; VIBE Beauty Liquid Foundation ( shopvibebeauty.com) & MAC

Step #2 :

When using Eyeshadow, try using White / Neutral shadows with Shimmer!. This makes your eyes look Bigger & Luminescent.



Illuminating Powder : MAC

Step #3 :

Warm your cheekbones with a Bronzer and add a Illuminating / Shimmer powder on top of it. ** For Darker Skin Tones : Go for a Matte Powder like, BLUNT from MAC on your cheekbones & a Gold Shimmer Powder or Eyeshadow on top of your cheekbones. Anything lighter will give you an Ash look to your face.



Bronzer : L’oreal Bronzer ; VIBE Beauty Bronzer ( shopvibebeauty.com)  & BLUNT / Mac

Step #4 :

A Red Lip!!. Red lips has a lot of impact, all while remaining Fresh and Polished. PLEASE choose the right Red for your Skin Tone. Deeper Red Lip for Darker Skin tones.. Cherry Reds, for Fairer Skin tones.. MATTE Red Lips are in trend as well.





Red Lip : Sephora’s Red Lip Stains & Brick Lip Liner from MAC


I hope these Sweet Valentine’s Day Makeup Tips, help you impress your Special Someone.

Thank you,
Reginald Raphael / FacesRMyCanvas