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Back to school is the conclusion to summer, lax bedtimes , during the week sleepovers and all around relaxed times. The grunt and grind never ceases but there is something to getting away with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on the floor in front of the television on a Tuesday night that makes me smile inside. Inside a peanut butter and jelly sandwich goes beyond fiber and protein but it’s a smile , a stolen moment of your childhood and a moment of genuine peace, a moment of innocence, a shared moment where nothing happens but the good stuff.

As a single mom you understand that the day to day structure and schedules, the this, the that, get in the way of these little moments that summer affords us. It is my wish and my new mission to give myself more of these moments, every night doesn’t need to be to be a drill or a perfect dinner at the dinner table. Maybe not in front of the television but maybe around a game board, a picnic perhaps. A moment such as this could be a time to instill in our sons and daughters what to do when they get older or what they should still look for.

Television and the Internet are killers to our children and leave little to the imagination. Morals and values are not just shared and learned around the dinner table, they are learned everywhere. You want to provide your children with the best of everything, but we as parents get so caught up that the best of everything is time itself.

Reality is we as single parents and even two parent homes have a lot going on and we miss out on taking advantage of simple moments. SIMPLE moments, how many children have grown up to complain about parents not spending enough time , they may not remember every time you made them laugh , every bedtime story you read but they will remember having moments.

My goal this year is to become more unhinged from my phone , be less concerned with the outside world and more In tune with the world inside my home, because at the end of the day I will always be tired , my days will never grow shorter, time will not stand still, so what is really important to me is this time. You don’t realize how much time flies until you hug your child and you don’t have to bend over to kiss them. My time of having a little boy is flying by and I intend to enjoy these moments and make them count.


Signed, Kita mytimeishistimeletsmakeitcount