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OK, so now your little one is on the go and has his/her hands in and on everything!!  It is time to baby proof!!  ..…..This month we give tips and reviews on baby/toddler proofing our living areas so that our little ones can be safe but still be able to have fun!!

Safety Tips

Rakijah Says:

Baby- Eventually your baby will begin to turn over and crawl.  They want to explore and will grab things to see what’s new in the world.  Many things we take for granted, not realizing that it’s a potential hazard to our little ones.

                                            baby1 baby2

WebMD has a useful guide to help with baby proofing your home for each specific area of the house.  Here is an example for a nursery:



1. Bedding: Put baby on his back to sleep; avoid soft bedding that might suffocate him. Crib slats should be 2-3/8 inches apart or less so head can’t get trapped.

2. Changing Table: Use a sturdy table with 2-inch guardrails on all sides. Always use a safety strap; keep supplies within reach.

3. Crib toys: Remove mobiles and gyms when baby is 5 months old or can push up on hands and knees.

4. Window cords: Never place a crib near windows; cut looped chains or blind cords in half to avoid strangulation.

5. Toy chests: Use chests without lids or with supports that hold a lid open in any position.

6. Balls, balloons, other small toys: Keep away from crib to avoid choking risk.

The link below includes other areas of the house.  This is very useful.


Parents.com gives extra tips on how to proof for different baby stages in life, while away from home, and even includes a list of the top 10 household hazards (link below).


I thought that baby proofing was just a one time deal, but that is not true… as my son has grown, I realized that baby proofing is a constant work of art and we now Toddler Proof!!

Toddler- For this age range, the main thing to do (in addition to the baby proofing steps above) is to move all of your furniture toward the walls and keep only the soft items accessible.  These can include: soft chairs, large pillows, bean bags etc…  These guys like to explore and test their limits and climbing is at the top of the list.

 baby4 baby5

Below are a few more sites that give helpful tips on how to toddler proof the house!!





Extras/Services– Apparently, there are specific services for baby proofing homes.  One can get a consultation and/or even have a team come in and baby proof your home for you.  I had no idea that these were available until now.  I am sure that they come with a cost, but if you can afford it, why not?  Below are some links that we found of services that are out there.




Bridget Says:   The following baby proofing items are things that I have personally used in my house or have been recommended to me by friends and family.  My daughter is both extremely active and very curious so I have had to make sure that I have items that keep her safe and stop her from getting into dangerous situations!


Skip Hop Moby Bath Spout Cover

This is an extremely important item when your child is young and just starting out in the tub.  This can both protect them from a spout that gets too hot from the water and from bumping their head and getting hurt.  There are many different designs for these so feel free to pick one that you or your child likes!


Safety 1st Secure Tech Cabinet Lock and/or Safety 1st Decor Side by Side Cabinet Lock

Both of these cabinet locks are fantastic! They stop a curious child from getting into kitchen and bathroom cabinets where dangerous items can be kept! My daughter is so used to having them around that she actually lets me know when they are unlocked and helps me to lock them!  I highly recommend both of them!


Safety 1st Twist and Grip Knob Cover – 3 Pack

Unfortunately, my daughter learned how to open doors at a young age! These knob covers were an absolute lifesaver!  They prevent your child, and even some adults, from being able to turn the door knob! There are other products out there for stopping a child from opening the door but I really liked the simplicity of this item by Safety 1st!


Protect Complete Edge and Corner Cushion Kit by Munchkin

Nothing is scarier than sharp edges when you have a young child! If I could have, I would have put this item on every edge in my house!  This is a fantastic product! It comes as a full kit and you put the four edges around the table and then use the roll of the foam to put around all of the edges of your table.  My daughter has never hurt herself on these sharp edges because of it!


ABC Fun Pads 72″ Large Safety Table Sesame Street Educational Themed Cover (Amazon)

If you do not want to have to put the edges on your table, this is a fun way to keep your table safe! It is a fully padded cover for your coffee table with everybody’s favorite little red monster, Elmo!  I bought this item for my playroom coffee table when my daughter was young and she has always loved it!  Highly recommend this product!


Safety 1st Decor Stainless Steel Stove Knob Covers

I personally have not used this item because I have an electric stove and my controls are not in the front.  However, I have seen several friends with this item and I watched it prevent our children from being able to play with the knobs.  The stove is one of the most dangerous things in the house for children so I highly recommend that all precautions are taken for keeping your child from harming themselves.


Safety 1st Press n’ Pull Plug Protector

My child was never big on putting her fingers near outlets, but that may be because I had these on my plugs from the moment that she was born.  I was very afraid that her curious nature would have her testing out what it would be like to stick her finger in an outlet!  Any of these plug protectors are a worthwhile product.  I have used different brands and they were all great but I did like how easy it was to plug these plug protectors by Safety 1st!


Some links with extra tips!






Reality Tips 

Rakijah says:  I have done minimal baby/toddler proofing in our household as far as purchasing products.  All in all, we basically use our own common sense:

–       Plug all low-lying electrical outlets

–       Place soft bumpers on sharp ends of tables

–       Never leave knives or sharp objects on tables or counters; the little ones can reach further than we think

–       Anything wobbly or very delicate will fall and break, so put it away

–       Keep an eye on them at all times, DO NOT leave them alone, not even for a second!!

Bridget says:  My level of baby proofing has been determined by the needs of my very active daughter.  There is no way to have your eyes on your child 100% of the time so I tried to keep the things that I found the most scary as safe as possible.  No two children are the same so baby proof as little or as much as you need to make yourself feel comfortable and go about life with the knowledge that your baby is safe!