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Nothing like Mariah Carey’s popular Christmas tune to slap some joy into your day and start this holiday season off RIGHT!

Just when I begin to see Christmas as yet another commercialized Valentine’s Day, I hear this magical song and then it all comes together … The colorful lights and festive decorations; that trip to Rockefeller Center to see “the Tree”; ice skating; indulging in an obscene amount of food, desserts, hot chocolate and candy canes; family reunions; Christmas tunes and last but most certainly not least – the giving and receiving of CHRISTMAS PRESENTS!  Who can truly say NO to all of that!?

… and then I ask myself, what do I really want for Christmas this year?

While I contemplate my answer, I would like to take this opportunity for us to remember why we truly love the holidays, if not only for the gifts!  I was able to ask some people, both friends and strangers, what they truly wanted for Christmas and I loved reading the array of responses I received from everyone!  Thank you to those who participated!  Here are your responses below …

All I want for Christmas is a visit from my mom, in a dream, and a FaceTime from my family in Florida!” – Ambryel

It might sound a little selfish, but from the bottom of my heart I want a man.  I’m tired of being the third wheel, seeing all these pics on FB of happy couples doing things together.  I forgot what it feels like to cuddle up with a man and feel safe, warm, and wanted” – Anonymous

I want a chef’s knife and a record player” – Samantha

I want to see the big smile on (my daughter’s) face when she opens her gifts … since I don’t get to see that every year” – Sabrina

I want to spend more time enjoying myself with friends and family and less time working and doing homework” – Sharon

I just want overall tranquility in my life.  It’s allows me to better my mind, body and soul.  I just want tranquility” – Monica

All I want for Christmas is a visit from Dad” (insert stream of tears here) – Diana <– this is my sister y’all!

I really want a pair of UGGS … and make-up, clothes and shoes” – Jasmine

All I want for Christmas is OFF for Hanukkah” – Sam

I really want to fix the mess I’m in with my house, so that I can finally be at peace with my life” – Miriam

All I want for Christmas is to keep being happy” – Roxanna

All I want for Christmas is love: Ridiculous, head-over-heels, sweep-me-off-my-feet kind of love” – Norma

All I want for Christmas is to improve on my health and feel physically better” – Anonymous

All I want for Christmas is a clean bill of health.; a chance to live the second part of my life healthy as a horse and strong like a bull” – www.youtube.com/endomorphbeast

Money” – Cynthia

All I want for Christmas is Chris” – Anonymous

All I want for Christmas is peace and harmony … and I truly want my soldier to spend the holidays with me” – Michelle

All I want for Christmas is a brand new living room and dining room set” – Dayra

All I want for Christmas are toys” – Henry

All I want for Christmas is new shoes” – Jenna

All I want for Christmas is for my kids to be happy” – Jorge

All I want for Christmas is for my daughter to be happy” – Jaime

All I really want for Christmas are sports tickets” – Ross

With all my heart, I want my nephew to open his heart and to change his life for the better and  I truly wish for there to be peace on this Earth” – Nora

I learned from all this that there is NEVER a wrong answer when it comes to Christmas.

When I posed the question to all the participants, almost everyone asked if they should say something genuine or if they should answer this question selfishly.  For a minute their question got me thinking, so I just simply replied, “there is no wrong answer, it should be what you truly want for yourself; doesn’t matter what it is”.

… and while I would love to say that I want there to be an infinite amount of good health and happiness for my closest friends and family members, unfortunately, that’s not really what I want for Christmas (sorry y’all).  So, I am going to go ahead and be a little selfish and ask for one last reunion with my Dad in order to say goodbye to him the way I was never able to.  I want to tell him all the things that will forever remain unsaid until we meet again.  Aside from that, what I really, truly want for Christmas is to no longer be single; I wish to FINALLY meet my other half.

Happy Holidays y’all!  I hope all your wishes come true!!!