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November 21 is National Adoption Day

Adoption is one of those things I believe you either think about it, if you are planning to do it or you don’t give it a second thought. A few months back I toyed with the idea of adopting. As a single mother already, with no proposal on the table,  I thought this was my last chance to add to my family. Some of my friends think I am too young and that I have time to expand my family. It is my belief that adopting is a noble idea and should be available to all women, who cannot have families of their own.

Adoption has been a topic amongst my friends over the years, I have a friend who unfortunately will never know the miraculous joys of birthing a baby naturally. Turning to adoption, she found that the avenue although well traveled was not an easily navigated road. Her experience was one of rejection, feelings of worthlessness, and feeling robbed of something so natural, something that she should have been entitled to. She gave up she didn’t have the fight.

Children are being shuffled through the foster care system, missing out on amazing parents because some agencies believe that a traditional nuclear family is the way to go.  The problem with that is that the dynamics of what  a “family” is has changed. It saddened me because my friend is so deserving of being a parent and there are so many children in need.

When it hits close to home we are forced to look into the pros and cons of adopting. What my sweet, warm-hearted friend found out was, that single mothers and the stigma that comes along with it, is real.   I personally know firsthand that she has so much to offer.

We could make a long and extensive Pros and Cons list but here are a few that come to my mind:

Pro- Loving Mother

Con- Lonely experience doing it by yourself

Pro- Single most important person in our life can be a single motivating force

Con-not a traditional unit

The fact is, so what if it isn’t traditional, it’s going to be hard but worth it. But isn’t it more important for a child to receive love from one parent then to shuffle through life not experiencing love at all?


I say give it a go, fight for your opportunity to embrace and experience motherhood.


Signing off Kita, The mother blessed to experience the opportunity.