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Every New Year, many of us write resolutions. I am sure that if we take a poll, it will show that many of the resolutions that we write are the same every year. Resolutions such as, to eat healthy, to lose weight, to find love, to finish school, to save money, to get a promotion, to do better at something are goals that we set and reset each year.

As I began to reflect on personal resolutions for the year, I realized that I am blessed. I just want to go into the New Year with a thankful heart and a grateful spirit. A thankful heart will open up the door for blessings.

Watching my daughter tear open the wrapping paper to reveal the Princess doll and castle that she asked for gave me such joy. But, when she hugged and kissed me and said “thank you so much mom, I love you” my heart was overwhelmed with joy. Because of her appreciation, I was moved to give her another present and yet another.

Therefore if we show gratitude and thanks to the one above for the blessing that He bestows upon us, we can expect more! We take blessing for granted. A blessing is having our health or just being alive. A blessing is having food on the table and clothes to wear each day. We need to reflect on our circumstances and be thankful for all that we have. Show appreciation and share the wealth of your blessings with others. It will come back to you more abundantly.

As you begin the New Year, begin it with a thankful heart and a grateful spirit and watch 2014 be a blessing unlike any other year!