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As the excitement builds for the year and I also prepare to affirm ways in which I desire to change for the better, I am reminded by this quote from one of my favorite writers:

To those who question therir position as the year ends….

before you question what you did not accomplish…every day, as long as you breathe, is a beginning too.”- Rainbird (alias)

It’s healing to remember that in every moment we have an opportunity to shift… to change… to be better.  So why do we wait until the end of the year to proclaim or assertively commit to transformation?  Why not, with every moment and with every breathe we utilize our divine right to create something new?

Typically we all wait until January 1st arrives to exercise discipline after months of holiday over-indulgence.  From November to December, we allow ourselves more food, more alcohol and more mental/physical fatigue from over stresses with planning and attending gatherings until our cups runneth over. During this time we are far from deprived and then turn around and set a date to miraculously cease all the ways in which we have excessively pleasured ourselves.  Unfortunately, implementing discipline doesn’t work that way.  Everything takes time… small steps… which is why it is so important to remember each breathe… each moment we have to change something small to assist us in the bigger picture…what we ultimately desire.

When we approach the New Year with declarations that subconsciously play into the idea of punishment, there is but so long we are able to endure those restrictions.  In addition, radical changes do not happen over night; with change comes the stripping of agreements and ideas that we have held onto for survival for years.  This is why diets and weight-loss programs/challenges only last the duration they are set for… the cycle…. the moment… and sometimes not even that.

So where do we go from here?…

It’s time to approach commitment differently.

It’s time to deconstruct the WHY.

…when we understand the why, it is easier to address the HOW.

Why do I participate..?

Why do I consume..?

Why do I neglect..?

These introspective questions aren’t purposed to scold yourself but more so innerstand …connect with the reasons behind your actions.  Question with compassion and remember we are where we are because we need to be. Trust your truth and the lessons that sit patiently behind them waiting to be revealed.  Revelations happen when we are ready.

Truly knowing the frustrations of wanting to change and the difficulties that can come with that desire, Food As Nutrition has created a 5 week program called T.A.S.T.E.

T.A.S.T.E (TakeCharge. Affirm. Subtract. Transition. Eliminate.) is a solution that can  help you keep your New Years Resolution.  This program is designed to deconstruct  your attachments to your decisions with regards to how you choose to nourish your bodies (mental body, physical body, spiritual body).  When we nourish all of our bodies, we are better able to achieve the balance we strive for in life.

For  a short time only (until Jan 3, 2014), Food As Nutrition is offering our T.A.S.T.E. program for $75 dollars a week (for 5 weeks).  This program includes:

  • Health Assessment
  • 5 Coaching Sessions (1 1/12 hrs each- valued at $525 alone)
  • Weekly Dietary Assessments
  • T.A.S.T.E. Workbook Journal
  • Personalized Food Regimen (in accordance with the current season)
  • ”Foods For You List” (inclusive of all seasons)
  • Complimentary “Additive Food Guide”
  • On Call Support

***We also offer herbal compounds for a 10% discount with the purchase of the T.A.S.T.E. program. 

***In addition,  Klaim Vibrant Health, Colonics are offered at a discounted price of $65.00 per session, a $20 discount from the original price.

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